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The Neck-Lace® Overview

There can be many problems that occur when your neck ages and one is that your muscles become so loose you can actually see the muscle bands that go down your neck. The muscles and your skin become loose because fat is going away from your face. It is literally dissolving as you age and that is one of the components of aging. This is why Dr. Moelleken does not want to just lift and tighten your face: he also wants to restore the volume that has been lost wherever he can. Dr. Moelleken can replace the volume in your neck by taking the loose muscle and bringing it together in the center. Many people consider that a “neck lift” is part of the facelift and a doctor will make an incision underneath the chin to do some sort of tightening procedure for the neck. That does not fix the skin that is loose however in the entire area of the face and neck. It merely helps the muscles underneath and sometimes the fat.

A pure neck lift is only an incision underneath the chin. Some doctors however also call a procedure a neck lift when the incision is just behind the ear because that is the area that tends to lift the skin off the neck. Many people consider a neck-only lift to be a combination of an incision below the chin to tighten up muscles and an incision behind the ear to tighten up the neck. The lower face, including the area around your mouth, your lower jawline, and your neck is an extremely important aesthetic unit. It is hard to find a model that does not have a striking jawline draped by smooth and taut skin. There is nothing more detracting from beauty than the so-called “double chin”.

While most people think that the fullness that accumulates beneath the chin is fat, it is usually a combination of skin, fat, and lose muscle. Nothing predisposes to premature aging of this area more than a small chin that does not provide the bone support that highlights the youthful lower face and neck. While we as humans are programmed to want the simplest approach to solving problems, this can lead to unfortunate results in facial rejuvenation.

Four Major Areas Of Concern:

  • Submental Fat: There are a few patients, mostly in the younger age groups, who have isolated pockets of fat that will respond to liposuction alone. The person should not have muscle laxity or skin laxity to fit into this category. Liposuction of the neck should be conservative to avoid a hollowing look or streaking that can occur with aggressive liposuction.
  • Muscle Looseness: There are two sheets of muscle (one on each side) that support your neck called the platysma muscles. These muscles tend to stretch and sag with time and gravity. They frequently produce unattractive bands in the center of your neck that look like loose skin, but a movement with contraction prove that they are the central edges of the loosened platysma muscle.
  • Skin Laxity: A minimal amount of skin looseness can sometimes be improved with surgical tightening. Like in facial rejuvenation, the only way to get a natural and long-lasting result is to tighten the muscles as the central support of your skin.
  • Deficient Bony Support: Microgenia (small chin) is the lack of adequate bony support and one of the worst factors predisposing to premature aging, whether it be from a weak chin, weak cheekbones, or weak bone support under your eyes (negative vector).
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At Neo Surgery Center, we understand that self-improvement is deeply important to your sense of well-being. Dr. Moelleken believes that surgical art for the body and facial sculpting plays a transformative role in enhancing your personal beauty. Performed properly, cosmetic procedures look natural: not “fake” or “frozen.” Dr. Moelleken takes this seriously and he never encourages procedures or treatments that may be unnecessary. He takes special care to understand your needs, concerns, and hopes and his goal is to reveal the best person you can be. Whether you are considering a cosmetic procedure for the first time or you are embarking on additional, new steps, the professional and friendly staff at Neo Surgery Center are ready to listen. During your consultation, Dr. Moelleken’s goal is for you to feel completely assured that you are understood. He will discuss a number of factors that may influence your surgery or treatment and he believes in educating all of his patients so that they fully comprehend any and all considerations. Dr. Moelleken has helped thousands of people have a firmer, smoother throat area and he looks forward to meeting you in person and working with you to determine the best procedure or combination of procedures to treat your neck. If you want to look in the mirror and see the elegant profile you have always wanted, call today and let us help you make your dream come true.

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