Hybrid Tummy Tuck

For many women, it is challenging to adapt to life after the joyous time of childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth put high amounts of stress on your body, resulting in significant changes. These changes in your body can lead to dissatisfaction and decreased self-esteem. One way to help you retake your body is Dr. Brent Moelleken’s signature Hybrid Tummy Tuck®.

What is Hybrid Tummy Tuck?

As with every procedure he implements, Dr. Moelleken works diligently and professionally with patients. He works to ensure they achieve and accomplish their ultimate goals. The precise treatment plan requires a customized surgical approach tailored to each specific patient.

The Hybrid Tummy Tuck is unique, effective, and has a much faster recovery rate than traditional methods. Dr. Moelleken’s patients receive a better plastic surgery experience because of this popular hybrid abdominoplasty.

Women who have had children especially can benefit from this unique procedure. Pregnancy can often leave you with a bulge similar to a hernia. The physical strain of pregnancy can tear a woman’s abdominal muscles.

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Why Choose Hybrid Tuck?

Smaller Incision

The Hybrid Tummy Tuck® is a short incision procedure that tightens the entire abdominal fascia. Hybrid differs from a traditional tummy tuck in that the incision is very short. It is approximately the same as for a C-section rather than a hip-to-hip incision.

Hybrid Tummy Tuck® is most appropriate for women who are in excellent shape after having children but are left with a stubborn bulge on their abdomen. This is a new method that offers the maximum benefit for patients seeking upper abdominal tightening with a minimal or “mini-tummy tuck” type of incision.

One of Many Options

There are a larges number of procedures available for tummy tucks. Knowing which one is best for you can be confusing at first. However, Dr. Moelleken will work with you during your consultation to decide which matches your needs. Among the tummy tucks available are:

Before and After

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More Examples

Determining the Best Option

The best technique for the patient depends on a few factors. These include:

  • How loose the skin is
  • How loose the underlying layer (fascia) is
  • Whether or not there is the extra fat that can be reduced

Of course, every patient would like to have the micro tummy tuck version. After all, a smaller incision means a smaller scar. But, only patients with a small amount of excess skin qualify for this procedure. When there is the looseness of the abdomen’s tissues and skin, a more traditional one may serve you better.

The Strain of Pregnancy

When a child is in the womb, the actual space the baby takes up is enormous. It is not just the weight of the baby. It is also the placenta and fluid. Together it all combines to 15-18 pounds that are sitting in the abdomen. Since the fascia is the skin or layer of the muscle, the layer gets stretched out in pregnancy. In most cases, that layer does not fully return to its original form. The result is a bulge.

The bulge, which appears to be a pocket of fat, leads to the development of a potbelly. Despite efforts at exercise or diet, the bump can stubbornly remain. Even with liposuction, it will not go away. Dr. Moelleken says, “In many women who have children, the bulge in the lower abdomen is not caused by fat, but rather by loose fascia that has ripped in childbirth and consequently sticks out.”

What Happens During a Hybrid Tummy Tuck?

A common misconception is that this procedure involves tightening the muscle. However, Dr. Moelleken actually tightens the lining of the muscle because that is what gets stretched out. If the area is loose above and below the belly button, he will tighten tissue from the breast bone to the pubic area.

He suggests thinking of this procedure as a patient being laced up and tightened through an internal corset. Your waist will get smaller, allowing the bulges in the lower abdomen to shrink as well.

The Hybrid Tummy Tuck® involves a C-section type incision for the full tightening of the deep fascia. According to Dr. Moelleken, he designed this technique to be able to go in through existing C-section scars. The idea is to prevent plastic surgeons from having to leave their patients with new scar tissue on their abdomens. If a patient does not have an existing C-section scar, Dr. Moelleken will make a small incision near the pubic area.

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What is the Recovery Time?

Due to its less invasive nature, a Hybrid Tummy Tuck® requires much less downtime than traditional methods. Most patients can return to work in about a week’s time. Other methods can demand up to three full weeks of recovery.

During recovery, it is still vital to take it easy. Be sure to follow Dr. Moelleken’s instructions for the best results.

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If pregnancy has left you with an undesirable bulge, a Hybrid Tummy Tuck could help you take back your body. Schedule a consultation today to take the first step to a rejuvenated appearance and a tighter abdomen. During your consultation, Dr. Moelleken, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, will work with you to develop a plan that matches your needs. Every step of the way, you will be fully informed of your options and the steps of your procedure.

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