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Cheek lifts have evolved so that they now are much less invasive. Experts like Dr. Brent now use minimal incisions, which are very short and on the side of the eye. Cheek lifts should be a subtle operation, or else the risk is high that the eyes will distort in shape. Recently, the tendency has been toward more minimally invasive procedures, anchoring the muscle to the periosteum of the upper eyelid. Dr. Brent offers two modern variations of the cheek lift: the LUSIC® and USIC® cheek lifts.

The first signs of aging in your face occur in your eye and cheek region. Facial aging usually shows up in your mid-face in your 40’s and 50’s. You might notice:

  • Hollow cheeks start to look sunken
  • Marionette lines become deeper
  • Muscles between your eyes change and smile lines deepen as your cheek fat pads begin to descend
  • Thin eyelid skin underneath your eye descends due to the effects of gravity
  • This same gravity affects your cheek and also causes “jowl” formation.

Fortunately for you, there is an excellent option available to elevate your cheeks, restore fullness to your cheekbones, elevate the corners of your mouth, and improve your jowls as well as the appearance of your lower eyelids.





What is USIC® Cheek Lift?

Another of the signature plastic surgery procedures developed by Dr. Brent is the USIC®. This stands for the Ultrashort Incision Cheeklift. This procedure takes away the need to make incisions underneath your eyelid. This differs from where the majority of cheek lift incisions are usually made.

One concern with traditional incisions is that they tend to cause droopiness. And can change the shape of your eye. Dr. Brent’s innovative cosmetic surgery technique is superficial, and the fat restoration included in this cosmetic procedure provides a more rested appearance.

The superficial cheek lift elevates your cheek pads and rejuvenates your lower eyes. There are some limitations, though. A conventional facelift incision cannot rejuvenate the midfacial area and the lower eyelids.

Conventional lower eyelid surgery is performed with a laser or scalpel. This removes skin and fat from the lower eye. Finally, it can cause a hollow, pulled look of the face and an unnatural “too tight” appearance will result. When performed at the same time as a facelift, the superficial cheek lift avoids this by elevating your cheeks rather than by pulling them to the side. The result is a more natural rejuvenation.

LUSIC® Cheek Lift Overview

The superficial Cheek Lift is a cosmetic operation that smoothes and rejuvenates your face. It targets:

  • Lower eye area
  • Cheeks
  • Smile lines

People like to call it the “Mini-Cheek Lift” because of the dramatic difference in appearance it makes and the quick recovery time. It is a technique that makes the midface and cheek area look younger and more rested. It does not involve any implants but elevates the patient’s own cheek fat combined with LiveFill® to create a cheekbone effect.



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LUSIC® Process

Dr. Brent’s LUSIC® cheek lift procedure involves four main steps.

  1. He makes a small incision under each eye.
  2. The cheek pad is lifted.
  3. The eye muscle is tightened and anchored in a new placement.
  4. Livefill® is injected into target areas.

It is a drastically less invasive procedure than a typical eye and mid-facelift surgery, which usually involves stripping off the bone’s membrane.

This innovation dramatically reduces cost, anesthesia time, recovery time, and pain. The cheek lift operation also involves tightening the droopy lower eye muscle, giving support and structure to the lower eyelid and midface area. A cheek lift prevents this by rejuvenating the lower eye and midface area rather than just the side of the face. It gives a more natural, youthful appearance to the lower eyes than with conventional methods.

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Dr. Brent believes that art and biology combine to form the best results and safest surgery possible. When you consult with Dr. Brent, you will receive a personalized surgical plan customized to your needs and expectations. He encourages you to seek several consultations and research the physicians’ credentials thoroughly before deciding on the right plastic surgeon. If you believe you are ready, schedule a consultation with Dr. Brent today.

During your consultation, Dr. Brent will carefully examine your entire face. This includes your brow, face, neck, and upper/lower eyelids. He will make recommendations to help you achieve your desired result while maintaining facial harmony. Dr. Brent believes that the entire face should be in balance. To achieve this, he may recommend additional procedures. But, the choice is always in your hands.

He knows that your desires, expectations, and anatomy are unique. And the key to a successful surgery is proper planning and a thorough discussion. His priority is to help you meet and exceed all of your expectations through open communication and honesty. Call us today to take the first step to a rejuvenated appearance.

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