What causes saggy cheeks?

What Causes Saggy Cheeks?

Between the effects of natural aging, poor lifestyle habits, and genetics, you may notice that you have saggy cheeks. But what causes saggy cheeks? Extreme weight loss can also contribute to sagging skin on your face, specifically your cheeks, as … Read more

What body shape do you have?

What Body Shape Do You Have?

Every one of us is absolutely unique. There is an endless number of body shapes with a million variations. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that there is so much push-back against the use of standardized body-type labels for both men and … Read more

Did she get an arm lift in winter?

Should I Get an Arm Lift in Winter?

Arm lifts address your saggy underarms by minimizing extra skin, tightening and smoothing out the underarm area, and removing any extra fat. Sagging underarms can make you feel self-conscious and inhibit you from wearing what you want to, especially during … Read more

Why are my thighs dimpled?

Why Are My Thighs Dimpled?

If you’ve noticed that your thighs aren’t as smooth as they once were, you aren’t alone. Those dimples and bumps in your skin are known as cellulite, and they are very common. Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat from beneath … Read more

Best procedures for a summer body

Procedures for a Summer Body

Summer is synonymous with swimsuits, shorts, and tanks. With the weather warming up, you’ll be showing more skin and showing off your body. While working out and eating right can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, some cosmetic procedures can … Read more

What is the right age to start dermal fillers?

Right Age to Start Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injections of gel-like substances underneath your skin. They change your skin’s appearance and are a popular minimally invasive treatment for wrinkles. This is a very popular treatment for those with wrinkles as over one million people get … Read more

A woman doing scar massage on her thigh with low lighting

When to Begin Scar Massage

For patients that are about to undergo surgery, scarring is a serious concern. Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process that allows our bodies to strengthen the wounded area by stimulating collagen production. Still, they can physically … Read more

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