Awake Plastic Surgery Procedures

Using the latest advances in medicine, we can now offer multiple procedures without the need for general anesthesia. You can be just as comfortable as before but do not need to put your body through additional strain. By choosing an awake plastic surgery procedure, you can even cut down on time spent in recovery.

Before, many surgical options could only work with this heavy anesthetic. Though general anesthesia is still vital for some treatments, we now have an alternative to certain cosmetic procedures. Dr. Brent is proud to announce his patients can now choose awake procedures to reach their aesthetic goals.

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What Is an Awake Plastic Surgery Procedure?

The name says it all. For these procedures, you remain conscious. General anesthesia would “put you under” and make you totally unconscious. While helpful for some procedures, this comes with a risk. And it puts immense strain on your body.

An awake procedure uses a combination of local anesthetic and light sedation to deliver a comfortable experience. You won’t feel any pain, and IV sedation can help you relax.

Why Choose Awake Procedures?

One of the main drawbacks of general anesthesia is the strain it puts on your body. When used for plastic surgery, it ensures comfort. But, it can also mean you spend more time recovering from your surgery. Additionally, it always carries some risk with it. And many patients with certain medical conditions cannot use it.

With an awake procedure, there is less risk and far less strain on your body. Awake procedures avoid the negative sides of general anesthesia while still providing a comfortable experience.

What Are the Benefits of Awake Procedures?

Awake procedures are becoming more popular for a good reason. You can maintain comfort but without the cost of side effects or health risks. Below you can find the top benefits of these procedures.

Less Time in Recovery: The strain of general anesthesia also slows recovery. With an awake procedure, your body can focus entirely on healing. In the end, this means a shorter time in recovery, reducing it by up to several days.

Less Risk, More Safety: An awake procedure involves fewer drugs than general anesthesia. This means there is less risk of any side effects from the medication. Additionally, the drugs used are far gentler. And they avoid putting strain on your heart or lungs as general anesthesia would.

Better Price Points: With a decrease in complexity comes a decrease in the overall cost. And the results stay the same, if not improved!

Starting With the Patient’s Preference

We design all our procedures around our patients and their needs. If you prefer not to try an awake procedure, we can take that into account. Still, we work closely with each patient to deliver the experience that best suits them. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and transformative experience every step of the way.

We aim to provide complete information on every aspect of an awake procedure. So, when you choose, you can do so with an informed opinion.

What Is Tumescent Solution?

Tumescent solution is what makes an awake procedure possible. It is a unique combination of three ingredients that allows for a comfortable yet precise surgery. It is made of:

  • Local Anesthetic: This numbs the treatment area to ensure you feel no discomfort during your procedure.
  • Saltwater: This saline solution keeps the treatment area clean and sterile to minimize any risk of infection.
  • Adrenaline: Adrenaline constricts the surgery site’s blood vessels. This prevents bleeding to ensure a safer surgical approach.

With proper application, this solution allows for a comfortable procedure with optimal results.

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What Awake Procedures Do We Offer?

Some procedures still are best under general anesthesia. However, many can be done while awake without sacrificing comfort. Below is a list of the awake procedures we offer.

Awake Breast Lift

By choosing to have an awake breast lift, you can enjoy your results sooner than ever. More and more patients are choosing this option for a breast lift.

Live Fill to Breast

This option is well-suited to being an awake procedure. It is a variation on standard fat transfer.

Awake Eyelid Surgeries

As eyelid surgeries work with small areas, they are exceptionally perfect for being an awake procedure. Many patients do prefer to have light IV sedation to remove and anxiety.

Awake Cheek Lift

By choosing an awake cheek lift, you can see even better results sooner.

Awake Arm Lift

An awake arm lift is one of the most popular awake procedures. Many patients do not even need IV sedation to have a comfortable experience.

Awake Facelift

Both variations of a facelift work well as awake procedures. Mini facelifts especially are a good choice to have as an awake procedure. You heal faster and enjoy your results quicker.

Awake Neck Lift

By healing faster with an awake neck lift, your results will not only come sooner, but can even be better than if you had general anesthesia.

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