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Full, youthful lips are a hallmark of a beautiful, alluring face. But as time passes, a frown can develop, less of the upper teeth shows, and the lips become smaller. If sun damage or smoking play a role, that process occurs even faster.

Dr. Brent frequently consults with patients in his Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California offices for lip enhancement or rejuvenation issues. Patients are often surprised that there are nearly a dozen procedures, from simple injections to more complex lip enhancements, that can be performed! Many of these procedures are novel, with some of them being innovated by Dr. Brent himself for results at the top of his field.

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Lip Lift Options

There are a number of lip lift techniques that can be employed to enhance the appearance of the lip region. Depending on the patient’s goals, lip lift surgery can be performed on its own, or as one component of Dr. Moelleken’s signature 360 Facelift® procedure. Additionally, we provide non-surgical alternatives for a lip lift that do not require even a single incision.

Dermal Fillers for a Non-Surgical Lip Lift

This is the simplest way to see near-instant results. Corners of the lips, entire lips, mucosal enhancement, vermillion enhancement, marionette enhancement, and perioral enhancement are all areas to be considered. Dermal fillers can give patients not interested in an invasive procedure a nice ‘pick me up’ without having to undergo surgery. The results can be seen within moments of a treatment session and can last for months at a time. No downtime, no scarring, only results.

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More Lip Lift Examples

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Surgical Lip Lift Options

While non-surgical options are popular, a surgical lip lift can deliver longer-lasting results with a single procedure. After performing a thorough medical evaluation of your facial anatomy and assessing your aesthetic preferences, Dr. Brent will create a customized treatment plan using one or more of the following lip enhancement methods:

Subnasal Lip Lift (bullhorn lift):

Often performed in conjunction with the LA Lip Graft, this procedure is ideally suited for patients with long upper lips. That means the non-red portion of lip below the nose is longer than usual or has become too long over time. The bullhorn lip lift involves a lifting maneuver that causes the red lip to out-roll, thereby creating a more ‘pouty’ appearance with increased red lip show. The subnasal lip lift shortens the lip-to-nose ratio and creates a wider smile with improved tooth show. This technique is very surgeon dependent, and a conservative, meticulous approach is best.

Lip border lift:

An alternative technique to enhance the appearance of thin lips, the lip border lift involves the removal of excess skin above the border of the red lip and cutaneous lip, in order to advance the red lip upward and improve red lip show. This is a poor technique and should not, in Dr. Brent’s opinion, be routinely used.

Corner Lip Lift:

Designed to lift otherwise drooping outer corners of the mouth, the Corner Lip Lift involves the removal of a sliver of skin at both oral commissures (corners of the mouth). The goal of this technique is to elevate chronically down-turned corners of the mouth, which could otherwise significantly detract from the patient’s facial aesthetics. The procedure eliminates the appearance of a permanently sad or angry look, replacing it with a more alert and lively aesthetic.

DAO (depressor anguli oris) Release:

Also referred to as an inner corner lip lift, this procedure can be performed to minimize the appearance of frowning. It is also an appropriate option for younger patients whose outer lip corners are drooping but do not yet present with any folding, skin sagging, or wrinkling below the corners of the mouth. Dr. Brent has innovated a method for performing this procedure without an intraoral incision or long incision.

Lip Lift Combinations for Revolutionary Results

For patients who would benefit from a complete rejuvenation of the lip region, Dr. Brent may recommend combination procedures, such as his signature LA Lip Graft®, which uses his trademarked LiveFill® technique. This unique, bespoke procedure can restore depleted volume to the lip area, thereby improving the appearance of features such as the:

  • Sublabial cleft,
  • Prominent marionette lines
  • Corners of the lips

Lip Lift Procedure and Recovery

When performing any of these lip lift techniques, Dr. Brent takes great care to avoid incisions at the vermillion border itself, as incisions in this area tend to scar poorly. Any incisions are carefully placed to optimize concealment within the creases between the nose and the upper lip. Lip lift surgery can be performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia. In total, it typically takes less than one hour when performed as a sole procedure. For combinations, patients may expect a procedure closer to 2-3 hours, depending on the chosen options.

Patients often combine facial procedures such as the 360 Facelift®, including Neck-Lace® neck lift and other complementary procedures. These can be safely combined for most patients. Every patient contemplating a facelift should also carefully consider which combination procedure may best complete their appearance.

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The Recovery and Results

Following lip lift surgery, most patients can return to work within 7 days and resume most of their normal activities after approximately 10 days. Although lip lift recovery is generally tolerable with minimal pain, patients may experience swelling of the lips that can take several weeks to fully subside. Additionally, bruising typically resolves in 10-14 days (makeup can be used to help conceal most post-procedural bruising). Once the swelling has fully gone down, patients can see their results in their final form. With surgical lip lift techniques, the results can last for years to a lifetime.

Dermal fillers have little to no recovery period associated with them, and the results appear right after your session. However, the changes do not last permanently. Therefore, patients may need touchup sessions every few months to keep up their results.

Lip Lift Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

Dr. Brent strives to customize every procedure to the patient’s unique needs at his cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills. Contact our office today to schedule your visit for a one-on-one consultation with a leading cosmetic surgeon. We work with every patient to generate a bespoke treatment plan for their lip lift in Beverly Hills.

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