Artistic Lipoma Removal

While lipoma may begin small, it can eventually have a significant impact on patients affected by it. From physical discomfort to impacting one’s appearance, a lipoma can bring a range of negatives with it as it becomes larger. That is why Dr. Brent is proud to provide patients with artistic lipoma removal in Beverly Hills to remove the growth with the unique eye of a leading cosmetic surgeon.

What Is Lipoma?

A lipoma is a type of growth that occurs just beneath the skin, but it is typically benign. So while that means it is non-cancerous and rarely becomes painful, patients may still want to have a lipoma removed. Since a lipoma occurs as a growth of fat cells, it can have a significant cosmetic effect on a patient. Dr. Brent is proud to offer patients an efficient and reliable way to eliminate lipoma while also restoring the cosmetic beauty of the affected body part.

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Why Remove Lipoma?

The two most common reasons for removing a lipoma are because it has begun to cause discomfort and because it has a significant cosmetic effect. In the first case, a lipoma may grow near a joint or become so large that it begins causing discomfort or even pain. In these instances, it is a good idea to have a simple outpatient procedure to remove the lipoma and see a reduction in symptoms.

But removing a lipoma for cosmetic reasons is absolutely a valid motivation as well. Dr. Brent understands how this type of growth can have a sizeable impact on your day-to-day quality of life. Removing a lipoma can be an effective way to reclaim a sense of control and pride in your body and self-image.

What Is Artistic Lipoma Removal?

Dr. Brent considers his approach to treating lipoma as a health measure, but without sacrificing the opportunity to preserve a patient’s appearance. By using a measured and balanced approach, Dr. Brent can remove a patient’s lipoma while also adapting his techniques to result in minimal scarring while preserving how the treated area looks.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Surgical lipoma removal involves a combination of surgical excision with adapted liposuction techniques. Since a lipoma is effectively a mass of fat cells, liposuction proves an ideal method to dissolve and remove the growth. From intake to follow-up, Dr. Brent and his team are here to provide any additional information or advice you may need.

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Recovery and Results

The recovery period after artistic lipoma removal can vary and depends on factors such as the size and location of the growth. For larger lipomas, patients may need to have about a week or two of downtime for the initial recovery period. For smaller growths, this can be as short as a week or less. During your consultation, Dr. Brent can provide an estimated outline of your procedure and expected recovery period, so you will have personalized, complete information before committing to the procedure.

In most cases, Dr. Brent will be able to fully remove the lipoma with a single procedure. So you should be able to see some results almost immediately. Still, it can take some time for the swelling to go down after your procedure, after which you will be able to fully enjoy the results of your artistic lipoma removal.

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