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Brachioplasty or an arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure designed to sculpt and shape your arms. It removes excess sagging skin folds from your upper arms, resulting in a tighter and younger appearance. Many patients take advantage of arm lift surgery to dress how they want with more confidence.

Arm Lift Benefits

There are many benefits to having an arm lift. Hanging arm skin folds firstly can feel unsightly. With each glance in the mirror, you can feel your self-confidence slip. With an arm lift, you can restore your appearance and rebuild pride in how you look.

Loose skin on your arms can also interfere with wearing clothes. Sagging skin can make it difficult to fit into sleeved tops. On top of that, they can cause underarm skin rashes and irritation.

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Is An Arm Lift Right For You?

Arm lifts can benefit a variety of patients, including those who need minimal toning. However, the best candidates are men or women who fit a few factors:

  • You are in good health
  • You are maintaining a stable weight through proper diet and lifestyle

Arm lift surgery is performed on men and women with large amounts of loose, hanging skin on their upper arms. The goal of arm lift surgery is to return your arms to a tighter appearance. Although small amounts of fat can be removed along with your excess skin, an arm lift is not intended to remove significant fat deposits.

Before and After

Brachioplasty (arm reduction surgery) to remove excess tissue.
Brachioplasty (arm reduction surgery) to remove excess tissue.

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Are You An Ideal Arm Lift Candidate?

The majority of candidates for undergoing brachioplasty are those that have lost significant weight. While losing weight allows patients to reap many health and psychological benefits, one drawback is the sagging skin that hangs from the arms and other parts of the body following their weight loss. After all the effort of weight loss, it can be frustrating not to have the body you worked for.

Many of these patients complain that their arms feel and look like wings and can restrict motion. Because the skin has lost its elasticity following years of obesity, diet or exercise alone cannot fully restore firmness and tone to the arms. You have done your part of the work, now Dr. Brent can help you fully reach your goals.

Other brachioplasty candidates are those who have developed upper arm flabbiness due to the loss of elasticity that accompanies aging, genetics, or chronic tanning.

Arm Lift Recovery and Downtime

After your procedure, Dr. Brent will provide you with a full list of instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. There will be some discomfort and swelling, but this can be managed effectively with medication.

Though you will see immediate results, you will see your final transformation once you fully heal. Throughout your healing process, Dr. Brent is available to answer any questions or address concerns.

After a couple of weeks, Dr. Brent will let you know if you can return to your normal routine. Still, it is advised to avoid strenuous activity for a while.

While there will be a scar, Dr. Brent uses his expertise to decrease its visibility. By hiding it within the natural folds of your body, it will not be easily visible.

Your Arm Lift With Dr. Brent

Fortunately, an arm lift can help restore your ability to wear sleeveless clothing without feeling self-conscious. If you are embarrassed by arms’ look and always hide them with under concealing clothing, call us today.

Take back your appearance by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brent. He will offer you the freedom of a lifestyle that you have not been able to enjoy in a long time by giving you beautifully contoured upper arms.

Dr. Brent has a brilliant understanding of human anatomy. With his surgical expertise and artistic touch, he will help you realize all of your aesthetic goals. You should be stabilized at or near your ideal weight before having an arm lift. In cases where there are small local fat deposits with poor skin elasticity, a combination of liposuction and arm lift surgery may be recommended.

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Why Get an Arm Lift?

Arm lift surgery reduces excess skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow. By doing so, it reshapes your arm to a more toned and proportionate appearance.

Muscle causes your arm to have a firm appearance. Atrophy of the tricep muscle, which is the muscle located on the back of your arm between your elbow and shoulder joints, can cause the body mass on the back of your arm to change from lean mass to fat. While muscle causes your arms to look firm, body fat does the exact opposite.

An excess of overall body fat can make your arms look flabby because the substance below your skin is not toned or firm. Many times, the tissues in your arm relax and descend. This can be the result of many factors, including aging, genetics, gravity, and weight loss.

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Dr. Brent understands that every person is unique, and will work with you to develop a personalized approach. Every aspect of your treatment plan is designed to meet your aesthetic goals and give you the body you deserve. Dr. Brent’s goal is to deliver results that can help you build self-confidence and pride in your appearance.

If you would like additional information about plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, please call our helpful and friendly staff for a personal consultation with Dr. Brent today!

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