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Revision Facelift

There are two reasons patients come to Dr. Brent’s center for cosmetic surgery to have a revision facelift. The first is to ‘fix’ things that didn’t go well during the patient’s first facelift, typically performed by a different surgeon. The second is that it is time again to rejuvenate the face years after the patient’s first procedure. By having a second one, you can take advantage of the latest techniques to further reduce or remove the signs of aging or prior surgery.

At Dr. Brent’s practice in Beverly Hills, he uses years of experience to help patients reach their aesthetic goals. With every lift, he aims for a natural look that enhances your unique features and beauty. Call us today to learn more about how you can find lasting benefits from a revision facelift.

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What Is a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is a corrective procedure performed to revise and improve upon the results of previous facial surgery. Sometimes it is also called a secondary facelift or revisional. There are several reasons patients elect to have revision facelift procedures.

  • Refresh or Update: While the results last for years, our bodies continue to age. A revision facelift can target changes caused by aging since your last one.
  • Correction: Sometimes, patients come to us from other surgeons and are unhappy with their results. Dr. Brent can then revise and fix any imperfections from the first facelift, bringing you the results you wanted from the first surgeon.
  • Take Advantage of New Techniques: Techniques have drastically advanced over the past decade (and continue to do so). We can now create more natural-looking results without the drawbacks of earlier techniques.

Before and After

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Why Choose Dr. Brent for Your Revision Facelift?

Revisional facelift procedures require an entirely different skill set. A higher degree of precision, accuracy, and technical proficiency are necessary than what is required for traditional or first-time procedures.

Signature Techniques for Exceptional Results

Many of Dr. Brents’s trademarked techniques are uniquely suited to the revisional facelift. In his Beverly Hills and Los Angeles offices, Dr. Brent consults with patients and introduces them to his signature techniques, including:

  • LiveFill
  • USIC cheek lift
  • NeckLace
  • 360 Facelift

Bespoke Revision Plans and Techniques

All these techniques were designed specifically with the revisional patient in mind. Dr. Brent will develop a customized treatment plan for your revision facelift that:

  • Minimizes or eliminates the signs of previous surgery
  • Enhances the patient’s existing facial features
  • Restores many of the features of a more youthful face

The Dr. Brent Difference: A Pursuit of Perfection

Dr. Brent utilizes state-of-the-art techniques during every revision facelift procedure. He has spent years perfecting these advanced methods to provide unparalleled results. The benefits of his signature techniques include:

Incorporation of his microsurgery training and vast knowledge of facial anatomy.

Together these factors minimize the risk of damaging the delicate facial nerves. Such a situation is a potential complication that can result when doctors perform facelifts without the right training. This is critically important with revisional facelifts. The SMAS (deep layer) is often injured, discontinuous, and in need of repair. Dr. Brent can cover those vital nerves with SMAS tissue or LiveFill grafts to reconstruct the normal protective layer.

Focus on the importance of effectively hiding surgical scars.

Dr. Brent carefully assesses the contours of each patient’s face when determining incision placement. This careful assessment ensures that the scars are as close to invisible as possible. This usually means he has three aims. First, he removes existing scars. He then hides new ones in seams. Finally, he executes careful reconstruction techniques.

Avoiding the ‘windswept’ or ‘pulled and plastic look.’

Dr. Brent restructures and elevates the deep layers of the face for a subtly revitalized, youthful look.

Artistic style is a central factor.

Dr. Brent strives to do conservative work. To him, that means, ‘do as much as you can without causing damage”. This “damage” is what often results in odd or unnatural results. Even if these are present, he can almost always improve and sometimes eliminate them.

Dr. Brent offers a broad range of supplementary procedures.

These various options can be performed in combination with a facelift. The result: the creation of a harmoniously natural surgical outcome. When done right, they enhance facial rejuvenation for a stunning final result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a second or even third facelift can often be performed. However, for each following facelift, you need a surgeon with a track record of excellent results who specializes in these unique procedures.

Absolutely! Certain physicians specialize in revision work on the face. Discreet steps can be taken during the revision surgery to restore a normal appearance. You can even gain further rejuvenation.

Generally, you can expect a similar experience to your first procedure. Most patients take about two weeks of downtime after their surgery. During this time, following your recovery instructions will be vital. These instructions are designed to help you heal better for optimal results.

The biggest risk: not choosing the right surgeon. While many surgeons might offer this procedure, it is essential to check their abilities! Ask for before-after photographs to confirm their techniques and their level of skill.

Patients can expect to look rejuvenated but less’ surgical.’ Many patients view this as a life-changing experience. They can overcome the self-consciousness caused by their previous results.

If you are unsatisfied with your last facelift, it might be time for a revision. Some signs this procedure is for you include:

  • You find yourself wanting facial rejuvenation to address new signs of aging.
  • Aspects from your previous surgery make your face appear ‘pulled’ or unnatural.

During your consultation, Dr. Brent will help you discover the best options for you. With a personalized treatment plan, you will be enjoying a rejuvenated appearance sooner than you think!

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A revisional facelift will only succeed if special techniques are used to reverse (not just avoid) alterations to the facial appearance. Of course, it is better to avoid these things in the first place, so primary one need to consider the same detail before they become a ‘post-lift look.’

If you would like to learn more about our options for a plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, please contact Dr. Brent today. We look forward to speaking with you and scheduling your initial consultation.

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