Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
with LiveFill

Increasing breast size and volume can have a powerful effect on your appearance and patients love the results. However, some of our patients have hesitated because they do not want to use traditional implants. As a solution, Dr. Brent developed a unique way to adapt his innovative LiveFill technique for use with subtle and natural-looking breast augmentation. Now, with LiveFill breast augmentation, patients can achieve the look they want with using any synthetic materials.

At his cosmetic surgery center in Beverly Hills, Dr. Brent provides patients with cutting-edge treatments and procedures designed to deliver transformative experiences. He always uses only the latest techniques with a focus on unparalleled aesthetic enhancement. Call today to learn how LiveFill breast augmentation could be your ideal solution.

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What Is LiveFill Breast Augmentation?

LiveFill breast augmentation (or LBAM) is an improvement upon traditional fat transfer breast augmentation methods that use fat to increase breast size. While fat transfer has been popular for years, it continued to have downsides, such as more rapid loss of results than permanent solutions such as implants. LBAM brings patients the best of both worlds, with the natural materials of fat transfer combined with fascia while improving the survival of your results dramatically.

LiveFill is Dr. Brent’s patented method for transferring fat and fascia grafts to restore or enhance volume in other areas. The methodology causes little to no trauma to the transferred fat, allowing more of it to survive the process and settle in its new location. The end result: increased volume that has greater consistency and permanence than fat grafting. LiveFIll for the LBAM is not aspirated, centrifuged or injected, a process tthat separates important components of tissue from each other and kills most of the fat cells. LiveFill used in the LBAM is fat fascial grafts, directly harvested from the tummy tuck specimen and placed around the pectoralis muscle, a source of extremely high blood supply.

He specializes in combining LBAM with his patented Hybrid Tummy Tuck, a unique technique that delivers impressive abdominal tightening with shorter lower incisions than with conventional tummy tucks. When used together, the results enhance one another, creating an overall transformative effect.

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What Are the Results Like

Your LiveFill breast augmentation results can boost your breast size by from a half cup to a full cup. For patients needing a larger augmentation, implants are preferable. Additionally, patients report that the increase still keeps their breasts looking and feeling natural, without any telltale signs of having had work done. Also, there is no need to obtain MRI studies to check for rupture of the implants, and no necessity of changing out the implants periodically. From the shape to the feel, your breasts will still be your natural breasts, only larger. LBAM also delivers permanent results, due to the unique method of harvesting the fat fascial grafts used used. With a healthy lifestyle, patients should be able to see their results last a lifetime.


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Is LiveFill Right for Me?

If you want breast augmentation but want to avoid synthetic implants, then LBAM could be for you. Many patients also may not be able to have implants because of a reaction to the materials or formation of repeated capsular contracture with implants, or even the presence of an autoimmune disease. But fat transfer breast augmentation with LiveFill uses only your body’s own tissue to create a fuller effect. This means your results not only look more natural, but you will have virtually no risk of your body rejecting the transfer. LBAM is also best for patients who want to have a more subtle increase in size. If you want to go up more than a cup size, you may find implants to be your best choice.

To learn if LiveFill breast augmentation is right for you, you can schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Brent.

Key Benefits of LiveFill Breast Augmentation

  • Results that look and feel more natural
  • See results for years
  • No synthetic material needed
  • Can be combined with liposuction or a Hybrid Tummy tuck for enhanced benefits
  • Subtle yet noticeable results

What Is the Recovery Time?

After your procedure, you will be able to return home the same day. Most patients will take about two weeks off from work and strenuous activity to focus on recovery after their procedure. Some pain, swelling, and redness are all normal during this time, but each side effect can be managed with proper medication and aftercare techniques. After the initial recovery period, you will gradually be able to return to your normal routine when Dr. Brent gives the go-ahead. Around this time, you will be able to see your initial results. Still, it can take several weeks to months for the swelling to fully disappear with gradual improvements each day. After this period, your final results will be fully visible.

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Take the first step toward achieving natural and long-lasting breast augmentation today. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Brent to get started on your personalized LiveFill breast augmentation plan. Every step of the way, he is by your side, working closely with you to meet your needs and expectations at every turn. Call us today to learn more about LiveFill breast augmentation in Beverly Hills and how you can reach a new level of aesthetic excellence.

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