Regular exposure to sun, wind, and environmental toxins can significantly change your facial appearance. Additionally, the natural aging process inevitably results in a drop in collagen and elastin. The result is that the face begins showing our age through lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. But you can do something about it. Dr. Brent provides FaceTite as a non-surgical way to rejuvenate build confidence in your appearance.

Dr. Brent offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Each is designed to deliver optimal results without the need for surgery or downtime. For the best plastic surgery Beverly Hills has to offer, visit Dr. Brent. He works closely with each patient to develop a treatment plan that matches their needs. Using experience and an eye for beauty, he delivers results that you can be proud of.

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FaceTite Overview

For some, a facelift holds the key to restoring a youthful visage. However, surgery demands commitment and a time-consuming recovery process. For many others who are concerned with minor or moderate signs of aging, there is another option. FaceTite is a non-surgical facelift that delivers incredible, surgery-like results. All without:

  • Incisions
  • Scarring
  • No long downtime

FaceTite is a revolutionary new energy-based treatment modality. It harnesses Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) to tighten and lift loose sagging skin on the:

  • Face
  • Jowls
  • Neck

It restores and enhances a fresh, vigorous, youthful appearance. Also called “non-excisional tightening,” FaceTite does not involve scalpels and long incisions. Instead, it utilizes heat energy delivered via several small holes in the skin. These holes are so small that they heal without any scarring.

The heat contracts loose skin and sparks the stimulation of new collagen. With a fresh supply of this vital protein, your skin will begin to restore itself. You will notice it tighten, lift, and improve the appearance of loose, sagging skin from the inside out!

Before and After

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Benefits of RFAL and FaceTite

FaceTite is a safe and highly-effective minimally-invasive facelift procedure. Dr. Brent is pleased to offer it in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent has provided countless patients with rejuvenating experiences. It is ideal for anyone concerned about the appearance of loose, sagging, drooping skin around the:

  • Forehead/brow
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Mouth
  • Naso-labial folds
  • Jowls/jawline
  • Neck

FaceTite Treatment Process

FaceTite is appropriate for patients with mild to moderate loss of facial elasticity. Furthermore, it offers several benefits over traditional facelift surgery:

  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • Can be completed in less than one hour
  • Creates only small punctures equivalent to an 18-gauge needle
  • Punctures heal quickly without scarring
  • Requires only about a week of downtime
  • Instantly visible results, which continue to improve for the next couple of months

FaceTite is not appropriate for every patient, however. FaceTite does not address the excess accumulation of fatty tissue. This is particularly true for tissue around the jawline, jowls, and neck. But you still have options. Patients for whom excess fat is a concern may need an ancillary treatment such as liposuction for optimal results.

How Does FaceTite Work?

FaceTite harnesses the power of radiofrequency (RF) energy. This energy is absorbed by the dermis (inner layer of skin) as heat. Your body naturally contracts strands of collagen that form the internal structure and framework of the skin.

The procedure uses two parallel electrodes. One is placed precisely into the skin and the other directly on top of the skin. The two electrodes create a uniform thermal field. This gently, but effectively, passes through the skin. All the while, Dr. Brent monitors the optimal temperature of the surrounding tissue for maximum safety and effectiveness. This powerful heating action tightens loose skin and sparks the growth of new collagen. The result: a tight, lifted, youthful appearance!


In Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, Dr. Brent offers a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments. He designs a unique, fully-customized plan just for you and your lifestyle.

All of our non-invasive treatments offer powerful results without downtime. Still, for patients seeking more transformative results, plastic surgery may be the correct choice. Call today to learn about what options may bring you the best results.

Regardless of what treatment you select, you can be sure that Dr. Brent will deliver stunning results. He understands that each patient is unique, and so should be every treatment plan. That is why he makes each patient central to their plan, listening to their goals closely.

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