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“Oh, About My Neck Lift…”

October 8th, 2018 –

Our good friend, Sam Rubin from KTLA morning news and 9 News Australia graciously wrote an article in Mediumabout his experience getting a necklift at Moelleken Plastic Surgery. This is an informative article, especially for anyone looking to trim down their neck size and get rid of unwanted fat in that region. Our thanks to Sam, for such a great write up!

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Keep Up with the Team

October 30th 2018 –

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Speaking of Instagram

October 31st 2018 –

Speaking of Instagram, we would be remiss not to direct your attention to this little nugget of Halloween goodness. To keep up with their mischief, follow@daynadevon
and @samontv. We hope everyone had as much fun on Halloween as these two did.


We are Excited to Introduce the ClearLift 4D™ Lunch-time Pixel!

9/2/2018 –

Clear Lift is a fractional nanolaser with a pico like an effect and it’s the perfect treatment for fine wrinkles, pigment, and acne scars when you have no time for downtime. ClearLift treatments stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin – keys to younger-looking skin – without the pain and downtime. The treatment takes about 20 min and some mild erythema can be covered with makeup. The controlled pixilated wound delivered at the proper depth helps customize the optimal result on most areas of the body, in particular face, neck, decollete and hands.


Reintroducing One of Our All-time Favorites, AFT by Alma

9/2/2018 –

Now, new and improved by Alma Lasers the AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Therapy) – Next-generation Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Whether addressing tone, pigment, sun spots, redness, fine lines, large pores, AFT is the cornerstone technology that delivers superior results with maximum comfort and minimal risk.


New Services in Bakersfield, CA!

8/28/2018 –

We are so excited to be offering our services to the great city of Bakersfield. No more driving to us, we’re coming to you! 1-2 times a month we will be bringing up our laser equipment to do consultations. Call us at 310-919-1060 for more details and to schedule an appointment.

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