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Forehead Lowering in Beverly Hills

A subtle yet impactful aspect of one’s appearance is the size of the forehead. Defined by where the hairline rests, forehead size is a common point of cosmetic concern for patients of all genders. . Dr. Brent Moelleken is proud to offer a unique surgical solution for forehead lowering in Beverly Hills to help you fully realize your ideal aesthetic, Dr. Brent’s Trademarked Preservation Brow Lift (PBL).

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What Is Forehead Lowering?

Forehead lowering can go by several names, including hairline lowering for forehead reduction surgery. In each case, the concept is the same: the height of the forehead is reduced by moving the scalp forward. Dr. Brent accomplishes this through precise removal of extra forehead skin, preservation of the sensory nerve that goes to the scalp, and repositioning where the hairline starts. Hairline position usually is determined by developmental or genetic factors, or progressive hair loss, or prior antiquated surgeries that raised the hairline; surgical repositioning is the only solution to change it.

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What Is a Hairline Lowering Procedure Like?

Dr. Brent performs forehead reduction surgery using minimally invasive techniques. His approach aims to do more with less, allowing preservation of the nerves and arteries of the forehead and scalp. This approach allows patients to maintain feeling and healthy blood flow in the treated areas following surgery. Techniques like the coronal browlift and the endoscopic forehead lift can raise the hairline. Traditional forehead lowering techniques involve large flaps that divide the blood supply to the scalp.

The procedure itself is relatively quick and comfortable. If desired, patients can have the entire procedure performed under local anesthesia. The entire process takes about 2 hours, after which you can return home right away. The surgery involves creating an incision and loosening key scalp tissues. The skin is then moved forward about 1 to 3 cm (depending on your goals), and Dr. Brent closes the incision. Incisions are always made with care so that they are hidden naturally by your hairline.  Skin clips or sutures are removed approximately 8 days postoperatively.

Recovery and Downtime

The recovery for forehead lowering occurs in two main stages: the initial period (which includes downtime) and the secondary period. During the initial period, which can last about 1 week, patients are advised to be relatively sedentary. Walking short distances is encouraged, and driving is permitted. Light activity starts at around a week, and by four weeks, patients have graduated to cycling, running, light weight lifting. Patients may return to sedentary or desk work within about 3 days, depending on their procedure details. Minimal swelling, discomfort, and bruising are possible but can be managed with proper care and medication. Dr. Brent will provide full post-procedure instructions to follow.

Forehead Lowering Results

Patients can expect notable results immediately after their procedure. However, patients may want to take a few steps to hide the sutures until they are fully healed. This may include wearing your hair over the incisions or wearing a hat. Within about 3 weeks, the incision sites should start to fade from visibility and patients can begin fully enjoying their results.

Is Hairline Lowering Right for Me?

Forehead reduction surgery is ideal for most patients who want to bring forward their hairline. If you were born with a higher hairline or developed one early in adulthood, or have an artificially elevated hairline due to previous surgery, then this procedure could be right for you.

To learn if you are an ideal candidate, the first step is to book your consultation with Dr. Brent. During this meeting, he can examine your hairline and discuss your situation to determine the best treatment solution for your expected results.

It is important to note that hairline lowering is not a solution for hair loss caused by a receding hairline. Instead, it is best for men who have a naturally more recessed hairline not related to active male pattern hair loss. However, it can work in some cases, so the best solution is to discuss your situation during the consultation. Dr. Brent will help you understand what the best option is for your needs.

Why Choose Forehead Lowering with Dr. Brent

Dr. Brent is known for his innovations and advances in classic procedures. The options available are not conventional. He approaches cosmetic surgery with a drive for continued excellence and improved patient safety and results. By using a nerve-sparing approach to forehead lowering, he preserves sensitivity in the forehead while delivering impressive results. His track record of patient satisfaction has led to his practice being a staple cosmetic center in Beverly Hills and the surrounding area.

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