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Scar Revision

What is Scar Revision About?

Scars were once a permanent part of life. Whether from traumatic injury or incisions from surgery, people picked up scars throughout their lives. However, cutting-edge scar revision treatments and medical methods can now remove entire scars from patients. More intensive scarring may resist complete removal, but treatment reduces their size and visibility significantly.

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Each year more than 100 million people experiencing scarring as part of a natural healing process. Whether from accidental injury or from surgery, the body can only heal wounds or incisions to a certain degree on its own. Lingering scars can lead to being self-conscious and affect your quality of life as a whole. While scarring is natural, with scar revision it need not be as permanent as it once was.

Scar revision treatment plans can remove minor scarring and drastically reduce the visibility of deeper, more substantial scars. When consulting with Dr. Brent, he will be upfront and honest with you about what results you might be able to expect. There are limitations to the procedure, but with his ability and experience, you can be sure that you will receive the highest-quality results.

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Types of Scarring

There are many different types of Facelifts that Dr. Moelleken performs, including:


When a scar is only on the surface of your skin, it can be treated more easily. Acne is perhaps the most common cause of this scarring. Severe breakouts can leave marks on the skin that take years to fade, leading to effects on quality of life.

Dr. Brent uses laser technology to speed up your body’s natural recovery. This treatment can also help with raised scars called keloid scars.

Other methods can include moderate chemical peels or resurfacing techniques. These also work well for hyperpigmentation scarring, which occurs when surface scars appear as dark patches on your skin.

Chemical peels might sound daunting, but the options we provide are safe while still delivering results. They are made of acids and enzymes that work toward rejuvenating your skin and treating the scarred tissue. They may require several treatments before you reach your goals. Therapeutic fading cream is often added as a supplementary tool to use at home.

Even with minor surface scars, it can take time to reach the results you desire. But, with patience and determination, we will help you achieve your goals.


When scars penetrate down to deeper layers of tissue, there is the chance they cannot be entirely removed. There are still treatment plans available, but they will focus on reducing visibility rather than elimination. As medical techniques continue to develop, though, we continue to provide better and better service in this regard.

Deep scars can result from extreme cases of acne, injury, or surgery. When deep tissue is affected, it can be challenging to treat. However, subcision techniques do exist that can work to minimize the remaining scar. When combined with other treatments such as laser, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels, they can provide significant improvement.

Which Treatment is Right for Me?

Size and type of scarring will factor into your treatment plan. During your consultation with Dr. Brent, he will evaluate your target areas. He will discuss with you the options that are most likely to help you reach your goals while also being honest about what your results can be.

The deeper and larger your scarring is, the more likely there will be several treatments combined into your program. Lighter surface scarring is typically more straightforward. Either way, Dr. Brent creates a plan that is specifically for you.

After the Scar Revision Surgery

For surface scar revision, you will see results soon and with no downtime. When addressing deeper scars, there may be a healing period of 1-2 weeks. During this time, there may be minor swelling and discomfort at the treated site. Light discoloration is also natural. It is essential to treat your skin with care during this time to facilitate healing.

Though the initial healing process is quick, it may take a couple of months before you see the full results. Some cases may take up to a year. But, these are treatments that last. Once you’ve completed a scar revision treatment and the results come in full, you’ll see a drastic change in your skin.

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For any questions or to learn more about treatment options, contact the office of Dr. Brent, Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, today to schedule a consultation. He will work with you to provide a personalized treatment plan.

Don’t let unwanted scarring interfere with your life anymore. We will be by your side every step of the process, providing top-quality care and keeping you informed along the way.

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