Breast Implant Revision

As new technology and techniques develop, the quality of the results from these breast procedures continues to improve steadily. Many patients that have had a breast implant procedure may find that the quality of it to be unsatisfactory. Or perhaps they have received an injury that affected the state of their implants. In any such cases, there is the option of having a breast implant revision.

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What is Breast Revision About?

In short, breast revision is a second procedure to correct the faults or mistakes in your first breast augmentation. There are plenty of reasons why women seek a second breast implant surgery. But, the general issue is that the first procedure did not do what it was supposed to do.

Changes to Breast Implants

Over time, everything changes, including the resiliency of your breast implants. Maybe your implants have ruptured, lost their shape, changed placement, or feel less natural than you want them to feel. Any unfavorable result or negative changes may be treated through revision surgery.

If something happens to your implants, there is something you can do about it. It may be daunting to undergo a second procedure, but the results are worth it. Even if the changes are subtle, you can likely notice them. If something doesn’t feel right, schedule a consultation. We can conduct some tests to see if something has gone wrong with your implants.

Before and After

Breast implant revision procedure - Before and after picture of a patient
Breast implant revision procedure - Before and after picture of a patient

More Breast Implant Revision Examples


Occasionally, the tissue surrounding an implant can harden and contract. This appears to happen to a lesser degree with saline implants than silicone. The submuscular placement also sees it less than placement under the breast tissue. Much mystery still surrounds the reason for it happening. Many believe it results from a low-level infection. Pockets of blood or fluid can also increase inflammation.

Lighter cases require simpler treatment. Sometimes, massage therapy may be enough. In more severe cases, a new implant may be required. For such times, recovery is similar to your first breast augmentation. If the breast has begun to droop, a breast lift can help restore its position.


The inframammary fold (IMF) is the area where the lower breast meets your chest. If it loses adhesion to the chest wall, the implant can sink.

The position of the implant relative to the nipple becomes offset. The cause could be as simple and skin laxity. However, if your previous surgeon modified your IMF, it could also be a reason. Dr. Moelleken can perform an inframammary lift. This removes the skin along with it, tightening and raising the crease line.


This occurs in cases where the implant was placed below the muscle. If the tissue begins to hang, the implant can seem too high. You’ll notice that a bulge appears, as though the implant is stacked on something. There are multiple reasons this could happen. It often is associated with poor positioning. However, placing the implant through the armpit can also lead to it if done improperly. Treatment depends on the cause of the case. The muscle might be adjusted. Or the implant may need to be repaired or moved.


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Though a popular cosmetic procedure, breast surgery does not always turn out how the patient desires. If an inexperienced surgeon performing the procedure, the results could be unsatisfactory. Sometimes the issues are only minor imbalances. Other times, they are serious health concerns.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your previous breast augmentation, you should consider correction surgery. Dr. Brent Moelleken delivers the results you wanted the first time around. Years of experience and his proven track record mean you can be assured that you are in better hands this time.

Dr. Moelleken has seen many complications associated with breast implants. He can look at the problems you are having and find the solutions needed to repair them. He has spent years analyzing and correcting patients with failed breast procedures.

Breast Implant Revision Procedure

The components of breast implant revision surgery vary with each patient. Sometimes it is more straightforward, barely more than a touchup. Other times, it is more extensive, correcting significant mistakes.

During your consultation, Dr. Moelleken will go over your concerns. He will discuss your original procedure and how to resolve your concerns. Many factors, such as scaring and availability of tissue, must be taken into consideration. It is important that you discuss all of your expectations with Dr. Moelleken.

Breast implant revision surgery is more complicated than your original implant procedure. Dr. Moelleken must take into consideration any changes that occurred and how to address existing scar tissue. But, at Neo Surgery Center, you can rest assured that we will take care of you. We provide the latest, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery procedures in a safe and professional environment.

Results & Recovery

Plastic surgery cannot promise perfection. Sometimes the outcome that a patient receives may need a follow-up procedure. But the good news is that the results Dr. Moelleken provides are much more likely to be what you are looking for. He is known for his “natural look” breast implant augmentation, and he is glad to bring his same expertise to the area of revision surgery.

The time for recovery will be similar to your previous breast surgery. There is a chance that you might spend a bit longer recovering this time around. If you have had an extensive revision, this might be the case. For minor corrections, the recovery time will be shorter. During your consultation, Dr. Moelleken will discuss what your results and recovery will look like.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Revision?

If you are not happy with your first breast procedure, then you already meet the first qualification. Your concerns with your breasts could be minor or significant. The important thing is that if they don’t feel right, you can do something about it. You shouldn’t put it off. If you are dissatisfied with your breasts, it can affect your daily quality of life.

Dr. Molleken offers breast implant revision surgery to “revise” or correct what you do not like about your previously augmented breasts. If you fit into any of the categories below, you may be a candidate.


Some women were once happy with their results, but they changed their mind and want to exchange their breast implants for a smaller or larger size.


The effects of pregnancy or drastic weight gain and weight loss are among the most common reasons why women become dissatisfied with the results of prior breast enhancement procedures. In these instances, a new implant or a breast lift may be recommended.


Breast implant revision surgery can also be a solution for women who want a breast implant exchange. Maybe you want to switch from saline to silicone or vice versa. Or, you want to remove your implants altogether.

Breast implant removal involves surgically re-opening your breast. Typically this is done through the same incisions as the original procedure to prevent any excess scarring. Dr. Moelleken removes the breast implant and any surrounding scar tissue that has formed around the implant shell.


Breast revision isn’t only for correcting mistakes in augmentation. You can also seek the procedure after a mastectomy. This type of procedure is referred to as breast reconstruction.

Dealing with mastectomy surgery can take its toll. You have lost a part of you, after all. Breast revision can help reconstruct what you’ve lost and return a feeling of wholeness.

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Using his skill as an artist and surgeon, Dr. Moelleken applies the same meticulous techniques to surgery as he does to the many primary operations he performs. Don’t let the failure of your first procedure keep you down. Take the first step to achieving the breasts you were promised the first time around.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Moelleken, a Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills. Patients who come to us expect and receive excellent care because we genuinely care about helping you achieve the results you desire. Dr. Moelleken will review all aspects of the procedure with you so that you can make an informed decision. He will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment plan customized for your individual situation.

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