Corset Platysmaplasty

Revitalize your neck with a corset platysmaplasty for a renewed aesthetic that looks and feels years younger with long-lasting results. Contact Dr. Brent to begin building a personalized plan for corset platysmaplasty in Beverly Hills with a leading double board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

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The Plastysma and Signs of Aging

The platysma is a broad, thin layer of muscle situated on each side of the neck, and it is separated into two distinct sides along the midline. During the natural aging process, the connective tissue fibers linking the platysma to the overlying skin begin to lose elasticity, which can create a number of aesthetic problems, including:

  • Unsightly neck bands or cords
  • The appearance of a double chin
  • Fatty jowls in the neck/chin area
  • Loose, sagging neck skin associated with the dreaded “turkey wattle” appearance

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What Is a Corset Platysmaplasty?

Platysmaplasty literally means “reconstruction of the neck muscles.” But we go beyond a traditional procedure, and the corset platysmaplasty technique differs from all other neck lift approaches. Namely, this is because it focuses on tightening the platysma muscle where it is the weakest—under the chin.

At Moelleken Plastic Surgery, with office locations in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brent uses the corset platysmaplasty neck lift technique for patients who need a specialized approach to rejuvenation. Some signs that a corset platysmaplasty is right for you can include:

  • Presenting with one or more of the aforementioned neck-related cosmetic issues
  • Feeling you who would benefit from double chin correction
  • Readiness to experience a dramatic rejuvenation of the neck region


During the corset platysmaplasty procedure, Dr. Brent will make a small, horizontal incision discreetly concealed beneath the chin. Through this incision, he will join the two sides of the platysma muscle together to create a single muscular sheet. This is ideal because it can prove resistant to the formation of neck bands and enhances the definition of the jawline and neck.

Additionally, Dr. Brent will surgically excise the fat from the neck musculature using direct visualization, a technique that allows for the removal of larger amounts of fat than could be eliminated through liposuction alone. He will then perform central plication of the platysma, which involves tightening the weakened or stretched platysma with multiple rows of surgical stitches.

A Unique Approach for Transformative Results

This highly effective tightening technique is similar to that of lacing up a woman’s corset. Using this approach helps to create a taut, smooth muscle layer and a sharp transition between the neck and jaw, which translates to an improved neck angle and a more youthfully defined neck and jawline. Although a complex and time-consuming procedure, patients will benefit from the beautifully natural, long-term results produced by the corset platysmaplasty neck lift. When performed by Dr. Brent, this complex procedure can help patients achieve results that go beyond their expectations.

Recovering from the Procedure

As a result of the unique technical elements required for this neck lift technique, patients may initially experience a tight feeling in their neck after surgery—this sensation is completely normal and will gradually subside. Recovery from a corset platysmaplasty neck lift is relatively straightforward, necessitating only a few days of downtime (providing that no other procedures have been performed simultaneously). However, these downtimes days are still a vital recovery period, and patients will need to follow their post-procedure instructions carefully for optimal healing and results.

After surgery, patients can expect to experience some degree of bruising and swelling around the jaw, ears, and neck. However, any post-operative bruising should mostly subside within a day or two of the procedure. The results of your corset platysmaplasty neck lift will be visible immediately after surgery and will continue to improve over the next 1-3 months. After all residual swelling has disappeared, patients will be able to fully enjoy their results for years.

Dr. Brent’s Signature Procedures

Patients considering corset platysmaplasty may also be good candidates for Dr. Brent’s signature Necklace® Neck Lift, a surgical procedure that offers many of the same benefits as the corset platysmaplasty but provides superior improvement of the neck angle and optimal correction of vertical neck banding. Dr. Brent has spent years developing several other signature options for cosmetic procedures, pushing the field into the future. Be sure to ask Dr. Brent during your consultation to learn more about his signature line of procedures.

Is a Corset Platysmaplasty Right for Me?

Choosing the right cosmetic procedure can begin as a challenge, but Dr. Brent and his team are here to work with you every step of the way. By starting with a consultation, you can express your goals directly to Dr. Brent and ask questions about our procedures. Dr. Brent will take the time to get to know you and walk you through all your options before you make any decisions. Some preliminary signs that a corset platysmaplasty might be right for you include:

  • Being in good overall health
  • Currently non-smoking (before and after the procedure)
  • Have healthy expectations and a positive attitude
  • Want to rejuvenate the neck area for smoother, tighter skin

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