Why Choose Diolaze for Hair Removal?

Why Choose Diolaze for Hair Removal?

Diolaze is a type of laser hair removal that uses a diode laser to target and intentionally damage hair follicles. This damage aims to remove hair and prevent future growth in the treated areas. So why choose Diolaze for hair removal?

Why Choose Diolaze for Hair Removal?

While it can take four to six treatments for Diolaze to be completely effective, this FDA approved hair removal method can virtually eliminate the need for other hair removal devices. There are a number of similar treatments on the market, but Diolaze has a distinct set of advantages.

Advantages of Diolaze

Diolaze is part of a family of laser hair removal therapies. Still, it does have distinct advantages over other approaches that may benefit some people depending on their desired treatments areas and general skin tone.

Largest Treatment Spot Sizes

Laser hair removal is normally done in very small sections, lengthening the time it takes to complete the process. Diolaze allows your plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to treat a much larger segment of skin on each application.

As a result, Diolaze is perfect for men and women who want to remove hair from larger areas like the legs, back, and chest.

If you are interested in treating smaller areas as well, you can talk to your doctor to determine whether Diolaze is appropriate for all of those treatments or if it would be better to integrate another type of laser hair removal.

Built-in Cooling System

Laser hair removal uses heat to destroy hair and make it impossible for your hair follicles to produce hair in those same spots. As a result, some laser hair removal treatments can cause discomfort during treatment.

Diolaze’s built-in cooling system significantly reduces the potential for discomfort. By controlling the heat and its application to your skin, Diolaze is kinder to your skin and is less likely to cause irritation.

Works with a Wider Variety of Skin/Hair Types

When you start looking into laser hair removal in Los Angeles, you quickly realize that the technology isn’t well-suited to everyone.

The laser targets pigmented cells, so treatments are most effective on clients who have lighter skin with darker hair because the technology is better able to differentiate between the pigmented cells in the skin and pigmented cells in the hair.

As a result, it can be difficult to find an effective laser treatment for people who have dark skin and hair. For many people, Diolaze offers a solution. It is highly effective on people with skin type IV and below.

This skin type is moderately brown and tends to tan but will occasionally burn. If you have skin type V or VI, talk to your plastic surgeon to learn more about the options that will work for you.

Gentle and Permanent

Despite the skin type limitations of Diolaze, it is still one of the best choices available for laser hair removal. Overall, the treatment is efficient, gentle, and, after a number of treatments, practically permanent.

In order to maximize the gentleness of your Diolaze treatment, make sure to follow all of your doctor’s instructions for pre-treatment and post-treatment skincare. Most importantly, make sure you understand how to protect your skin from the sun during this crucial time.

Choosing the Right Laser Hair Removal Treatment for You

Diolaze is an excellent choice for laser hair removal, but that does not necessarily mean it is the right choice for you. To learn more about the variety of laser hair removal treatments available through your local plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation today.

With the help of your doctor, you can track down the treatment best suited to your skin, hair, and overall goals.

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