Why Awake Procedures Are Safer

Why Awake Procedures Are Safer

Cosmetic procedures have become increasingly popular due to their aesthetic benefits. When you feel better about how you look it can also increase your confidence and quality of life. The natural aging process, pregnancy, weight loss, and certain lifestyle habits can have an impact on your body. There are a number of procedures that can address the issues and improve the way you look. Below you will find why awake procedures are safer and can have a positive impact on your aesthetic and self-esteem.

Why Awake Procedures Are Safer

Cosmetic surgery has a number of benefits. The advancements in modern cosmetic surgery have advanced which has made procedures safer and more effective. Awake procedures have been a popular choice due to their major benefits, including safety. Consider the following reasons why awake procedures are safe.

Increased Safety:

When considering cosmetic procedures, safety is the top concern. Awake plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is highly safe without any impact on its effectiveness and outcomes. General anesthesia is necessary in some cases. However, if it’s not necessary, alternative options are advisable as they involve less risk. General anesthesia can also cause unwanted side effects, such as nausea and memory loss.

Fewer Side Effects:

There are a number of side effects that accompany general anesthesia. The immediate side effects include nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, sore throat, muscle aches, itching, shivering, sleepiness, and mild hoarseness. Some people can also experience ongoing memory problems. Awake procedures do not come with these side effects which can make plastic surgery in Beverly Hills much smoother.

Faster Recovery:

General anesthesia is necessary in a number of cases. However, procedures that don’t require it have a much faster recovery time. The recovery time for procedures that require general anesthesia are more invasive and require a longer recovery period due to the impact on your body. Depending on the procedure, this can take weeks to recover from. Awake procedures are less difficult in terms of the recovery period, in addition to it being much shorter. It can sometimes take just a few days to a week which is great for those who don’t have a lot of downtime.


The invasive and complex nature of procedures that require general anesthesia are often more expensive. This is due to the amount of work and medical staff necessary to perform a procedure with general anesthesia. Awake procedures are just as safe and effective, but they are often less expensive without the need for general anesthesia.

How Does Awake Plastic Surgery Work?

Most people associate cosmetic surgery with general anesthesia. You may have a lot of questions about the details of awake plastic surgery. It’s important to note that even if you are awake, you will not experience any pain or sensitivity during the procedure.

Awake plastic surgery involves a special solution made of local anesthetic, salt water, and adrenaline. The local anesthetic eliminates pain and sensitivity, the salt water assists with sterilization, and the adrenaline helps reduce bleeding. Each component serves a different function to ensure you are safe, awake, and comfortable during the procedure.

Awake Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

If you are considering plastic surgery, there are a number of awake procedures that can improve your appearance. Some of the awake procedure options include a breast lift, live fill to breast (similar to a fat transfer), eyelid surgery, cheek lift, arm lift, face lift, and neck lift.

For those considering plastic surgery but want to avoid general anesthesia, Dr. Brent Moelleken is the top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Brent has helped countless patients restore their appearance and is skilled in a variety of awake plastic surgeries. The first step in moving forward is setting up a consultation so contact Dr. Brent for an appointment today!

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