What Happens After Weight Loss?

What Happens After Weight Loss?

Losing weight is an achievable goal through a variety of different health and diet changes: Going to the gym, improving your nutrition intake, and lessening the number of calories you consume are all good ways to drop pounds. But after the results of your hard work start kicking in, you may be surprised to see some side effects that you weren’t expecting.

While losing weight is something that is often a healthy thing, our staff members at the office of Dr. Brent want you to be aware of what to expect. With things like sagging excess skin and a drooping figure, you can experience many bodily changes after losing weight. Fortunately, you can invest in our innovative procedures, such as a thigh lift in Beverly Hills, to get rid of that excess skin and keep your form looking as youthful and confident as possible.

Different Sensitivities

After you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, you realize that your body becomes sensitive to different things, and in different ways. For example, before embarking on your healthy weight loss journey, you might not have noticed when the temperature outside drops a few degrees. Now, you’ll be experiencing cold and heat more intensely, so be sure to bundle up with your favorite hoodie – or at least have it on hand in case you run into an unexpectedly cold situation.

Your Closet Will Change

Naturally, you should expect to have a need for a whole range of new clothes. Dropping pounds also means dropping sizes, and you may not fit into your old clothes anymore. You can make this a positive experience by inviting your friends to go shopping with you, picking out a whole new size and a whole new style. It’s time for a whole new you!

Sagging Skin

While skin has some element of elasticity to it, it might start to feel a little loose after you’ve lost a bunch of weight. This new excess skin isn’t always able to snap back into place to tightly form around your new, lighter body. Instead, it might sit in flaps on your belly, creating an unsavory appearance.

To get rid of excess skin, you can invest in a variety of plastic surgery procedures to have that removed ASAP.

Thigh Lift Surgery as A Viable Option

Our thigh lift procedure works both on the inner and outer thigh. Patients typically invest in one type or the other, depending on their reasons for needing the surgery. With excess skin after weight loss, Dr. Brent will perform a thorough assessment to determine how much excess skin needs to be removed.

As the perfect solution to loss of thigh skin elasticity, thigh lift surgery can snap the skin back into place and get rid of any drooping, sagging, or dimpling effects on the skin. Furthermore, our team can assist in deciding the absolute best course of action for your unique situation.

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Our staff members are always available to help you with your needs. If you are dealing with excess or drooping skin due to excessive weight loss, a thigh lift in Beverly Hills will help you to restore your skin’s elasticity and keep you looking sleek and slender. For more information, you can contact us online or give us a call at (310) 273-1001 to schedule a consultation.

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