How To Choose Breast Implant Shape

How To Choose Breast Implant Shape

Most people know about breast implants, which have the ability to enhance and refine the natural shape of a woman’s chest area. What many people don’t know is that there are two primary shapes to choose from with these implants. Which shape you choose can dramatically impact the overall results of your procedure. Below we cover how to choose breast implant shape.

How To Choose Breast Implant Shape

If you have a breast implant surgery planned or are simply curious about the process, then take a look at this overview of the kinds of shapes you can choose from. You’re sure to find the one that will make you the happiest when you’re researching Beverly Hills breast augmentation.

Round Breast Implants

Round breast plants are the most common type of breast implant. They create a spherical direction for the breasts in general.

There are four main subtypes of breast implants that are differentiated by “projections.” These implants range from low to high projection.

Round breast implants are the type of implants that come to most people’s mind when they think of breast implants. They impart a somewhat classic implant look.

Round breast plants are a good choice for those seeking to add a fuller and rounder look to their breasts. In addition, they are generally lower cost than teardrop implants.

Teardrop Breast Implants

Teardrop implants are thought of as being generally more “natural” looking than round breast implants.

Also, teardrop implants have a fuller bottom than the top in terms of shape. This gives the patient’s breast the nominal teardrop shape.

Teardrop implants still give a patient a very round shape for their breasts, and there’s no sense of fullness that is lost. However, the shape of the breast is concentrated towards the bottom with this type of implant.

Teardrop implants are generally slightly more expensive than round breast implants. This is due to the increased level of labor that goes into the operation overall.

Consider Your Personal Body Type

Before you choose what type of breast implant you would like, you’ll have to take into account what would be best for your personal body type.

Women with certain body shapes might find that they’re looking for a round shape to correct imbalances, while others who are experiencing sagging might look for a teardrop shape to round things out.

Different body types respond to either of the shapes in different ways. You might find that you’ll need to discuss with your physician which one might work best for you.

Incisions and Decisions

One element that might influence your overall decision is the reality of the amount and location of incision sites.

The two different operations have different levels of invasiveness regarding their procedure. They also involve different incision sites, which can affect your overall recovery trajectory.

You can customize this process somewhat, directing your physician to the points where you would like your incisions to be made. This gives you a sense of control over the direction of your procedure.

Taking Budget into Account

Another relevant element that you’ll need to take into account for your impending operation is what your budget is for spending on implants.

Although everyone must work within certain budget constraints, getting implants is not a decision that should be made lightly or in a hurry.

Teardrop implants are generally the more expensive type of implant, as they require more work to produce. There’s a certain amount of shaping and sculpting that goes into producing the implants.

Overall, you owe it to yourself to deliberate in order to make the wisest choice possible regarding your personal situation. This can help you move forward, making the most positive choice possible.

Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

Prior to your operation, you’ll be able to meet with your physician in order to discuss your specific needs and expectations surrounding the procedure.

Many different factors regarding your surgery will be discussed, from your personal medical history to the history of your family.

Don’t hesitate to bring up any relevant information that you might want to go over. All in all, this process will serve to make your procedure that much more satisfying.

Overall, it’s the premiere time for you to discuss with your physician what type of procedure and implants will benefit you overall.

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