Determining Your Body Shape

Determining Your Body Shape

Dressing for your body is easy when you know what kinds of clothes are going to look good and make you feel confident. Once you’ve determined your body shape, shopping for clothes becomes an easier and more efficient process because you’ll start to figure out what silhouettes will compliment you best. Determine your body shape today with our helpful guide and descriptions and learn how to start dressing for your specific shape! If you’re interested in plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, contact Dr. Brent’s office today to schedule your first consult.

The five main body type shapes are rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear and apple. To begin specifying your body shape, stand in front of a full-size mirror with no clothes on, or just your underwear. After your initial inspection, you can determine what body type you might be. However, if you want to be more specific, grab a tape measure and read along to determine what attributes make up each body shape.


The rectangle body type is the most straight-forward shape. This body type is often described as an athletic build, as women who identify with it have features of similar widths. Rectangle bodies are composed of a similar shoulder, bust and hip width. If shorter women have a rectangle body type, it can result in them looking shorter and heavier than they actually are. To determine if you are a rectangle, measure your shoulders, bust and hip width. If your measurements are all similar for every area, you are most likely a rectangle shape. Find clothes that give your body more of an hourglass figure if you’re looking to combat the boxy shape or break up your outfits with layers and different clothing proportions.

Inverted Triangle

When determining body type, an inverted triangle is an upside-down triangle described as any body shape with larger proportions on top than on bottom. This is another athletic shape as the waist and legs have significantly smaller widths than the bust and shoulders. Measure for this body type by taking the full width of your shoulders, bust and hips. If your bust and hips are around the same width, but your waist is a significantly smaller number, you have an inverted triangle body shape. When choosing clothes for this body type, highlight your lower half and elongate your legs with nude shoes.


The hourglass body is the classic bombshell shape. This body type is named for the contoured shape of your waist compared to your bust and hips. To determine if you have an hourglass shape, study your body in the full-length mirror. If your curves resemble that of a coke bottle, you most likely have an hourglass figure. You can also determine this shape by measuring your shoulders, bust and hips. Like the rectangle shape, your body measurements will all be around the same width, but the hourglass figure is significant because of the defined waist contour. If your waist is significantly indented, this is another indication that you have an hourglass body shape. Dress for your body by highlighting your unique waist and be sure to choose clothes that showcase your figure instead of covering it up. An hourglass body shape is rare but can be achieved through augmentation. To get in touch with a trusted doctor regarding plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, contact Dr. Brent and our team of experts.


The apple body shape is identified for its rounder shape that resembles the look of the fruit it’s named for. Significant signs of an apple shape body include a more circular outline, with no definition in the waist, and similar measurements. To determine if you are an apple shape, measure your shoulders, bust and hip widths. If your measurements are very similar or even identical, you may have an apple body type. When dressing your apple shape, opt for structured clothing that adds sharp lines to your overall appearance, as this often slims the midsection of your body.


Our final body type is another fruit label; the pear. Like the way a pear is shaped, a pear body type is slender on top, and wider in the hips and legs. This can be determined with the use of your full-length mirror or with measurements. If your shoulders and bust measurements are significantly smaller than the width of your hips, you are probably a pear-shaped body type. Dress up your shape by highlighting your shoulders, arms and back, and creating a waist for more contour.

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