Why Facelifts Are Popular Among Younger People

Why Facelifts Are Popular Among Younger People

Facelifts used to be reserved for much older patients. But the development of new procedures already extends the appeal of the “facelift” to much younger audiences. The reason for the change is rather simple. Newer procedures allow board-certified plastic surgeons to gently finesse the contours of your face as you age in a manner that wasn’t possible before. By starting at a younger age, these patients can put off more invasive work that could result in a less natural look. So why are facelifts popular among young people?

Why Facelifts Are Popular Among Younger People

If you’re considering plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, then caring for your face over the next few decades should definitely be a topic of conversation. The process will be highly personalized based on your current age, the health of your skin, and your goals for the future. With that being said, caring for your face and preventing aging typically occurs in four phases that build on each other.


The first step to slowing aging is appropriate skincare. This actually starts in childhood with sunscreen, hydration, appropriate diet, and moisturizing. Once a person begins to undergo puberty it can be helpful to meet with a qualified dermatologist to help create a skincare routine that will protect the young person’s face from being damaged.

Non-surgical Facelifts

Regardless of how well you have cared for your skin throughout your life, you will likely see changes start to develop in your 30s. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth are often the first signs. They show that you’ve lost enough collagen to make a visible difference. That is where early, non-surgical facelifts come into play.

Non-surgical facelifts usually take the form of injectables or laser procedures. Neurotoxin is probably the most well-known, but there are about a dozen different options that offer a range of benefits. Some injectables, such as Juvéderm, actually inject a naturally occurring component into your skin. This material draws water towards it to plump the area and make wrinkles disappear. Other options, including a range of laser therapies, actively encourage natural collagen production.

It is now perfectly normal for patients in their 30s and 40s to have these non-surgical procedures every so often to help maintain their face rather than trying to drastically alter it. The effect is a very natural youthfulness that prevents your skin from feeling the full effects of aging. As a result, many patients who begin non-surgical procedures earlier find that they’re able to put off surgical options.

The Mini Facelift

Your plastic surgeon will likely recommend a mini facelift in Beverly Hills for a patient who is starting to show their age around their neck and jawline. Unlike a full, conventional facelift, a mini facelift can be done under local anesthesia. As an added bonus, the recovery time is about half that of a traditional facelift.

Essentially, a mini facelift focuses on removing excess skin from the neck and jaw. That makes the scars easy to hide, while also giving your face more definition. To improve the overall effect, we encourage patients to continue non-surgical face treatments once their surgeon deems it safe.

The Full Facelift

A complete facelift is the best procedure for a patient who is looking for a dramatic change. However, that doesn’t mean it has to look unnatural. Patients who take good care of their skin can make a more graceful transition once the skin of their face requires more aid than non-surgical treatments can provide. Why? It is thanks to years of gentle care by their dermatologist and plastic surgeon. A full facelift is a bit of undertaking, and it requires designated time for healing. Luckily, you will have Dr. Brent to guide you every step of the way.

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