Can BodyTite Reduce Cellulite on Thighs?

Can BodyTite Reduce Cellulite on Thighs?

BodyTite is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can remove excess fat and tighten the surrounding skin using radiofrequency assisted lipolysis. Although the procedure is not specifically designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite, it can have the effect of reducing the appearance of cellulite on your thighs if that is the area you choose to have treated. So let’s look at cellulite and if BodyTite can reduce cellulite on thighs.

Understanding Cellulite

To better understand how having BodyTite in Beverly Hills could reduce the appearance of your cellulite, let’s take a minute to study cellulite itself. The truth is that far too many people assume cellulite only affects people who are overweight. This is simply not true. Cellulite is likely genetic, and it can affect practically anyone. Even very fit individuals can develop visible cellulite around their buttocks and thighs if they have a genetic predisposition.

You see, cellulite isn’t actually a symptom of excess fat. It is a result of tough sections of connective tissue which hold layers of muscle and skin firmly together. When fat cells grow near those segments of connective tissue, they bulge beneath the skin. Why? Because the connective tissue will not allow the skin to expand evenly. Now that means that weight gain can make the effect more visible. But it is in no way responsible for the cellulite itself. Every single person requires small deposits of fat to stay healthy, so it can be nearly impossible to remove the physical signs of cellulite all by yourself.

Can BodyTite Reduce Cellulite on Thighs?

BodyTite is a non-surgical procedure that only requires an incision big enough to fit an 18-gauge needle. An ultra-thin cannula is inserted into the incision, while an electric node remains outside of the body parallel to the cannula. This electric node uses thermal energy to melt fat cells and tighten the surrounding skin. As the fat cells melt, the cannula helps to remove them from the body.

By removing fat cells from the targeted area, you reduce the number of cells pushing up from under the skin. Specifically, you reduce them in areas where the connective tissue prevents the skin from stretching. This gives the remaining fat cells more room within the limits set by your connective tissue. Without the upward pressure from those fat cells, your skin can to relax, reducing, if not erasing, the visible signs of cellulite.

The fat cells that were removed can never grow back, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about maintaining a balanced diet and exercise regime. The remaining fat cells can always expand if the calories consumed exceed the calories burned each day. Therefore, you will have to conscientiously maintain your results if you hope to keep your cellulite at bay permanently. If you’re concerned about how you’re going to maintain your results, then speak to your plastic surgeon and a nutritionist about post-operative care and improved lifestyle habits.

Deciding if BodyTite is Right for You

If you’re considering having plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, then contact Dr. Brent to schedule a consultation. BodyTite is FDA-approved and highly effective as a non-surgical option, but it isn’t ideal for every situation. In order to determine whether or not BodyTite is right for you, you will want to be candid with your board-certified plastic surgeon regarding your expectations.

BodyTite can achieve noticeable results, but it is not as dramatic as a surgical tummy tuck or a thigh lift. For example, your abdominal muscles may have been damaged by pregnancy or extreme weight gain. If so, BodyTite may not prove the best option for you. Regardless of your situation, you and your plastic surgeon will undoubtedly find the perfect solution for your body.

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