When Should I Start Laser Treatments?

When Should I Start Laser Treatments?

It is never too early to take care of your skin, and laser skin treatments can become a part of that journey at any age. You may not know this, but an infant may receive laser treatments to remove unwanted birthmarks. A teenager may also receive laser treatments to erase evidence of deep acne scarring. There are literally dozens of reasons you might have a laser skin treatment and very few of them are age-dependent. So when should you start laser treatments?

When Should I Start Laser Treatments?

If your primary concern is aging, it is a bit easier to establish a timeline for when laser treatments should start if you want to see the best long-term results. However, you should keep in mind that certain lifestyle choices may shift the timeline in either direction. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sun Exposure without Protection
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking
  • Dehydration
  • Poor Sleeping Habits

All of these factors can damage your skin and expedite the aging process. As a result, individuals who take part in one or more of these lifestyle choices regularly may need to begin laser resurfacing treatments at a younger age to get the same results as someone who has gone out of their way to protect their skin from all forms of damage. To get the most personalized timeline for you, contact your local Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for an individual consultation.

An Average Timeline

Although we can’t tell you exactly when you personally should begin laser skin procedures, it is possible to provide a range. You see the vast majority of people do something to inadvertently damage their skin on occasion. We can use the averages to establish a mid-range timeline to help determine when you might consider beginning your laser procedures in Beverly Hills.

To be frank, the answer for most people is between the ages of 25 and 35. That might seem a bit wide, but you can adjust it lower or higher depending on how often you do things that could harm your skin. If you live a really clean lifestyle, practice good sleep hygiene, and always wear sunblock, then you may be fine beginning treatments in your late thirties. However, if smoking and alcohol are an important part of your social life, you may want to skew earlier. Keep in mind that we are not saying that this is the age where aging becomes visible. This age range is based on scientific evidence.

The truth is that aging is a gradual process, and researchers have demonstrated that we begin producing 1% less collagen per year after the age of twenty. That means the average thirty-year-old produces about 10% less collagen already. You may not see the fine lines or wrinkles yet, but your skin is already beginning to lose some of its fullness and elasticity. Laser skin treatments help you to get ahead of that process before the wrinkles start to form. In fact, some individuals choose to begin laser treatments in their early twenties for just that reason.

The Long-Term Effects

Laser skin treatments can do wonders for aging skin, but the truth is they work even better when used preventatively. By starting your treatments before visible signs of aging appear, you’re taking steps to actively slow the process. This can allow you to preserve your youthful appearance well into your thirties and forties.

Of course, you will still continue to age, but it will happen more slowly. As you transition into middle age, you may discuss the inclusion of other treatments and procedures with your board-certified plastic surgeon to facilitate a continued program of preservation. The treatments may change a little with time, but with the help of your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills you can gracefully mature the way you have always wanted.

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