Is a Lip Lift Right for You?

Is a Lip Lift Right for You?


Has your top lip become so thin that it’s hardly noticeable? Does the area from your nose to your lip look strangely elongated? Are you tired of your smile naturally turning into a frown? Then a lip lift may be right for you. Aging, sun damage, and smoking all influence our lips, making them smaller and thinner. This process is natural in life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. With a simple lip lift, you can change your life. Having plump, shapely lips is a sign of youth and beauty and can greatly improve your overall look. If you want to get rid of those shapeless lips and turn up your confidence, a lip lift may be right for you.

Sagging Lips

Oftentimes, as we age, our top lip loses its elasticity and begins to stretch. When this happens, the tissues over our bones start to hang, creating sag or wrinkles, or in this case a low-hanging upper lip. This is a natural result of gravity and aging, but a sagging upper lip can be unattractive. With a low-hanging upper lip, your teeth are often hidden when smiling and your resting face may appear to be a constant frown.

Thin Lips

In addition to natural aging and sagging of the upper lip, you may be dissatisfied with thin lips. As a result of genetics, many people are born with thin lips. While there are some over-the-counter cosmetics to help plump and give you fuller lips, it is very short lived and must be reapplied daily and sometimes even several times a day. If you want fuller lips without the hassle of daily application, you may want to consider plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

Which Procedure is Right for You?

Like most plastic surgery in Los Angeles, there are many different options and procedures to choose from when it comes to a lip lift. Based on the outcome or appearance goal you seek and your basic facial structure, you have the choice to be as non-invasive or invasive as you’d like. Each procedure can also be performed separately or in conjunction with Dr. Brent Moelleken’s total Facelift procedure. After a proper consultation and assessment, a plan will be charted to include one or several procedures to obtain your desired look.

Some of these procedures include:

Corner Lift

A corner lip lift is a procedure meant to lift the outer corners of the mouth. In order to do this, a small amount of skin is removed in these areas to achieve an upward look. This procedure is best for those with a resting sad or frowning face. By removing the outer, sagging corners, your lips achieve a look that is straighter and happier.

Subnasal Lift

On the contrary, a subnasal lift is best for those with an elongated area between the nose and the upper lip. As mentioned earlier, the upper lip has a tendency to sag over time. When this happens, the lip curls under and you lose the red portion of it, making it appear as if you have no top lip. With this procedure, the red portion of your upper lip is rolled out, increasing the area of red lip, decreasing the area between the nose and lip, and creating a larger, beautiful smile. If you’re searching for that perfect pout look, the subnasal lift is the perfect procedure for you.

Inner Corner Lift

An inner corner lift is a bit different from a standard corner lift. A standard corner lift is meant for those with sagging outer lips that have developed with age. Wrinkles and a loss of elasticity can cause this sag and the excess needs to be removed entirely. An inner corner lift is a procedure for those with naturally drooping lip corners, not due to old age folding or wrinkling. In this procedure, Dr. Moelleken uses an incision to uplift the corners, rather than a removal of skin.

Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

If you’re searching for lip lift plastic surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Brent Moelleken is the doctor to see. With a number of specialized procedures to choose from, Dr. Brent takes the appropriate time with each patient to discuss which option is best for your desired look and facial features. If you’re tired of living with lack of lip, sagging lip, or a permanent frown, consider a consultation with Dr. Moelleken today by visiting our website or calling 805-898-9299.

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