Pouty Lips May Be Easier To Achieve Than You Think

Pouty Lips May Be Easier To Achieve Than You Think

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Lips are a small part of your face, but they play an important role in your appearance. The fullness of your lips can add or detract from your overall aesthetic look. Celebrities, such as Kylie Jenner, have brought the prominence of this facial feature to the mainstream more than ever before. A 2017 statistical report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that there was a 5% increase in lip augmentation over the previous year. In fact, there has been a 60% increase in lip augmentation since 2000!

Lips are becoming a huge part of what makes someone attractive, and the trick is creating a full look without becoming fake or unrealistic. Dr. Brent created a new natural lip augmentation procedure called the Lala Lip Graft, which was made to avoid the problems with traditional lip augmentation.

Shortfalls of Traditional Lip Augmentation

Dr. Brent designed this new technique because traditional lip augmentation techniques were not meeting his standards. Here are some of the shortcomings of those traditional techniques:

  • Unnatural look and feel. This is one of the biggest complaints of augmentations, especially synthetic lip implants. Using artificial material will make it hard to replicate the natural feeling of your lips. Although the aesthetic appearance is important, the feeling is quite important too. The point of lip augmentation is to increase self-confidence, not create an aversion to kissing your significant other.
  • Inconsistent. One of the major flaws with fillers is that the outcome is not consistent. The use of natural or synthetic fillers means the proportion of the lips can be undesirable. Any miscalculation in filler distribution or unforeseen swelling can make the whole lip look asymmetrical. This is the opposite of the effect that is desired. Many who undergo lip implants and fillers have to repeat injections until the desired result is achieved.
  • Not permanent or long-lasting. As time goes on, your body goes through physical changes. This means that your lips may have looked great after the procedure, but may become disproportionate as you age. Many of the traditional lip augmentation methods are unnatural and random, so they have a risk of clumping, dulling, or becoming asymmetrical. You want to utilize a method that will have long-lasting results for your changing life.
  • Costly and inconvenient. Due to the inconsistency of fillers, you will most likely need to maintain your lips to keep them plump. This means that you will be spending more money on additional procedures to keep your lips looking good. This also takes a toll on your time finances because you will need to take time off to have these procedures and recover.

These pitfalls could be hindering you from achieving the pouty lips that you want. There is a solution out there that makes getting better lips so much easier.

What makes the LaLa Lip Graft Different?

The Lala Lip Graft uses a signature grafting technique called LiveFill unique to Dr. Brent. This refined approach to traditional lip augmentations and fillers allows for a more natural look. The focus of this technique is the fat in the lips that already exists and utilizing it to provide long lasting results. These results are achieved because LiveFill grafting uses the patient’s own living tissue. This allows the body to react to the filler organically, and allow the healing process to start immediately.

Making a procedure as natural as possible will mitigate the majority of risks associated with lip augmentation. Dr. Brent has long-term studies of this technique that show fat cell retention to be at 75%. This is significantly higher than most of the traditional methods.

Natural Lip Augmentation in Beverly Hills

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