What Body Shape Do You Have?

What Body Shape Do You Have?

Every one of us is absolutely unique. There is an endless number of body shapes with a million variations. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that there is so much push-back against the use of standardized body-type labels for both men and women. What body shape do you have?

That being said, we can and should discuss general body shapes with the understanding that none of the rules around dress, exercise techniques, or anything else are absolute. The important part is that understanding the proportions of your body can give you a starting point for the changes you want to make in your life. From there, you can customize any advice you’re given or choose to discard it entirely. It’s up to you. When you are ready, we offer the best body tuck Beverly Hills has to offer. Dr. Brent is the top cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills has around. Call today to learn more about what we can do to help you reach your true self.

Taking Your Measurements

Unfortunately, to begin identifying your body shape, you will need to figure out how the size of your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips correlate to each other. You may use a standard tape measure, but that may not be the correct pathway if you’ve struggled with an eating disorder or your body image in the past.

Instead, grab a ribbon, a pack of markers, and a friend. Remove any bulky layers that may prevent you from measuring accurately. Then ask your friend to measure the following.

  • Width of the Shoulders
  • Chest or Bust
  • Waist
  • Hips

For each measurement, start from the same end of the ribbon and mark the end of the measurement with a different colored marker. Write down what colors correspond to what measurements for reference. Once you’ve completed your measurements, lay down the ribbon. The colors closest to the short end of the ribbon are your smallest measurements. The colors farthest down the ribbon are the largest. It is easier to just use a measuring tape, but that isn’t right for everyone.

What Body Shape Do You Have?

For men, the shoulder measurement with be more important than the chest with the reverse being true for women. At its core, body shape identification is intended to simplify the body’s silhouette to give you a guideline for dressing well and targeting areas that you may not be as pleased with. Here are a few common body shapes.

The Inverted Triangle:

People with this body shape tend to have a more pronounced upper body. Men with this body type tend to benefit from more fitted clothing. Women, by contrast, may not always feel as feminine as they might like. A more bohemian style with flowing lines and a little bit of leg can fix that right up.

The Hourglass:

People with this body type have a more noticeable chest and hip region. They tend to be proportionally balanced with a much smaller waist. Men with this shape can take advantage of a straight cut shirt to avoid looking too small. In addition, a good pair of slacks or sweatpants can really highlight their assets.

For women, the hourglass remains a coveted shape despite the fact that it is rarely seen in fashion. It will be extremely difficult to find clothes that fit you well, so find a good tailor. To make it easier on yourself, a good body-con dress will fit your curves in just the right way.

The Rectangle:

If all of your measurements are roughly the same, you probably fit into this category. Both men and women will benefit from a good tailor if they are looking for a more dynamic shape. For women, strapless clothing can help to accentuate the collar bones for a more feminine touch.

The Triangle:

This body type isn’t particularly common for men, but it is exceedingly common for women. For men who do fit this body type, a more structured jacket or shirt can give you the volume you’re looking for in your chest and shoulders. For women, pulling the eye towards the waistline with a fitted waist or belt can really show off those curves.

The Full Figure: For people with a fuller waist, there is a lot of societal pressure to change. This can make it very difficult to find clothing that helps you feel attractive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Opting for clean, tailored lines can take a lot of pressure off by allowing you to choose what you want to emphasize. The goal is to balance the look, so a wide-legged pant or a knee-length pencil skirt can make a world of difference.

Evaluating Flaws

All of us have spots on our bodies that we don’t like. If, when you’re discovering your body shape, you find yourself fixating on some of these, then take a moment. Your body is an incredible gift and deserves love. However, that love can be delivered in different ways. Through healthy food, exercise, and body positivity, you give your mind the feedback that it needs to be happy. From there, once you’ve established that healthy relationship with yourself, you may still find little areas that bug you.

At that point, you may want to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Feel free to discuss the problem areas that you want to improve, and your surgeon will help you take your body type and give it the opportunity to shine when you show-off your boardshort body tuck next summer.

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