Why Lip Grafting is the Natural Solution to “Overworked ” Lips

Why Lip Grafting is the Natural Solution to “Overworked ” Lips

The lips are an essential and functional part of our body. They also happen to be one of the most sought out areas for cosmetic surgery. Aesthetically, our lips can alter a good deal of our overall appearance, but over time they can easily age along with the rest of our body. Thin lips and a saggy frown are the culprits. The most prominent areas for improvement are volume and the removal of wrinkles around the sides. There are many different ways to enhance the look of your lips, but one that may beat out the rest: lip grafting

What is Lip Grafting?

The LaLa Lip Graft, perfected by top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, involves the retrieval of fat grafts from one’s own body and its placement into the lips. The fat grafts are taken from the face and they must be non-traumatized. Dr. Brent creates very small incisions at the corners of the mouth and inserts the fat, plumping the lips with your own live tissue. Using this live tissue from your own body ensures a sound structure for your lips. Your body will also easily adapt to this live tissue since it is made up of your own blood vessels. In fact, the healing process begins almost immediately. The blood flows directly into the new tissue.

Why is Lip Grafting Superior to Other Methods?

Lip grafting is superior to other lip augmentation procedures because it uses your own living, fat tissue and there provides the most natural surgical procedure you could possibly ask for. As your blood vessels integrate into the new tissue, it all fuses together and adapts to become one living tissue. This procedure is also very minimal, producing far less scarring than other li procedures. In addition, the results yield a look that is extremely natural, soft, and plump, with no lip constriction or subdued look of the lip line.

Another great reason to choose the LaLa lip grafting procedure is that the procedure produces some of the most beautiful, plump and “kissable” lips. They add volume and softness that other procedures sometimes fail at delivering. With many other lip procedures, you can get a lip look that is somewhat lopsided, too hard, or way too big. With the LaLa lip graft, achieving a natural look is the main priority.

Other Lip Augmentation Procedures

The main goal of lip enhancement is to plump overworked, flat, or deformed lips into plump, natural-looking lips. While other lip augmentation procedures plump lips, they tend to have certain side effects, results, or procedure process that is less than ideal compared to the LaLa Lip Graft. Let’s take a closer look:

Silicone and Dermal Filler Injections

A popular option for lip augmentation is getting silicone or dermal filler injections. Silicone fillers, such as Radiance, Artefill, and Alloderm, have been linked to several complications including a permanent swelling of the lips and vermillion border, distorted lips, and tissue deformities.

While dermal fillers are somewhat safer than silicone-based fillers, their longevity is limited. In order to sustain this lip enhancement, regular injections will need to be received. This can end up costing a lot of money and time and become somewhat of a nuisance.

Synthetic Implants

Synthetic implants tend to be less than ideal if you’re trying to achieve a natural lip enhancement look. They produce a real textural difference and just don’t seem to look very real.

Lip Grafting with Dr. Brent

With Dr. Brent Moelleken’s LaLa Lip Graft, you get a quick healing process, minimal recovery time, and full, soft, natural-looking lips. If you’re looking for an opportunity to plump your lips the natural way, look no further than Dr. Brent.

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