How to Maintain Breast Augmentation Results

How to Maintain Breast Augmentation Results

Breast augmentations can lift, enlarge, and rejuvenate the most beautiful parts of your body. If your confidence has suffered due to your sagging or misaligned breasts, then this is the right procedure for you. As a popular cosmetic surgery option for patients of all ages and sizes, breast augmentations will give you long-lasting results. This procedure is designed to bring you inner and outer harmony that you are sure to enjoy. Below, we look at how to maintain breast augmentation results.

How to Maintain Breast Augmentation Results

The biggest advice we can give our patients is about how to maintain breast augmentation results for the remainder of their lives. We want to share with you some of the best tips and tricks for keeping your breasts looking perky and voluminous. The breasts are such an important part of your self-image, so it is a good idea to keep the following pieces of advice in mind.

Stay in Communication with Your Surgeon

The initial recovery period is the toughest. For the first 2 – 3 weeks, you may experience pain and discomfort. Your breasts will be bandaged, and you will have to take extra precautions to care for yourself at home as you recover. Once a few weeks have passed, you will be attending a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.

This appointment is a good way to check in on your recovery progress and address any outstanding concerns. If everything goes normal as planned, you will know exactly what to expect throughout the rest of your recovery period and what kind of results you will receive.

Watch What You Eat

Pay close attention to your diet during recovery, as certain ingredients can exacerbate your painful symptoms. It is understandable that you want to eat some of your favorite things while you are in so much pain. Just remember to eat these things in moderation, as a healthy diet can improve the pace of your healing. Unhealthy products like processed sugars can not only cause an infection but can also make existing infections worse.

You want to flood your body with nutrients and vitamins that will make you stronger. Leafy green vegetables such as broccoli and kale are rich in iron and antioxidants, making it easier for you to ward off infections. The best thing you can do for your breast augmentation is take really good care of yourself during the beginning stages of recovery.

Watch What You Drink, Too

It is imperative that you stay hydrated in order to help your body heal. You have probably been told before to drink fluids in order to prevent illness, and this is also true when recovering from surgery. Staying hydrated allows your body to use its full power to heal you. When you are dehydrated, your body suffers for it. Instead of speeding up the aging process, you can prolong your youth by keeping healthy fluids in your body. You should be mostly drinking water, though some hydrating juices can be good for you too.

Start Exercising Slowly

You will be told to rest for a while during your initial recovery. To maintain great breast augmentation results, you are encouraged to slowly start a physical exercise routine that works in line with your body goals. You need to rebuild your muscular strength and maintain the slim and trim look that really makes your breasts stand out. In fact, strengthening the muscles underneath your breast tissue can help you stay perky and youthful for longer periods of time.

Make sure not to go too hard with your workout routine at first. Gaining or losing tons of weight at once can reverse some of the changes done by your surgery. You will also be more susceptible to stretch marks and sagging skin. Once you are a few weeks into your recovery, you can start to implement some of your favorite exercises at the gym. Maintaining your body can help you enjoy breast augmentation results for longer.

Rejuvenate Your Body with Breast Augmentation

You deserve to look and feel your best. Our augmentation procedures, which include breast lifts or implants, are designed for long-term appeal. You can also do the work to maintain these results by keeping up with your diet and exercise routine after recovering. It is also important that you eat and drink plenty of healthy ingredients to ward off infection.

For more information, you can contact Dr. Brent and schedule a personal consultation to discuss your needs. We are confident that we can help you improve not only your breasts but your outlook on the future.

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