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Being a mother is among the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences a woman can have. The physical toll of motherhood can drastically change a woman’s body. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, in general, can all affect your body’s overall appearance. Although there are instances of women regaining their pre-pregnancy shape almost immediately after childbirth, many women struggle with this. The mommy makeover procedure has become a popular option for mothers who are looking to restore their youthful figure and shape. Top plastic surgeon Dr. Brent specializes in the popular mommy makeover procedure.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

The main goal of the mommy makeover is to restore a women’s body to pre-pregnancy condition, but there are a lot of different areas of the body that can be targeted. Although some people may want a makeover of the entire body, many women only need a few areas targeted. There is no right or wrong amount of procedures you choose, and the focus is to make you feel confident and vigorous again.

Effects Of Motherhood On A Woman's Body


  • Muscles in the abdomen become stretched, loosened, and weakened. This causes your stomach to appear more flabby and saggy before your pregnancy.
  • In some cases the muscles in your abdomen can even separate during pregnancy. This condition is called diastasis recti or diastasis recti abdominis. Dr. Brent is renowned for his diastasis recti repair to help treat the abdomen.


  • In most cases, changes women experience with their labia’s size and shape during and after pregnancy are temporary. Although in some cases, the inner lips may portrude farther than the outer lips.
  • The labiaplasty or vaginoplasty procedure is a popular treatment to help contour the labia.


  • Breasts expand and contract so drastically throughout the process of milk production. It is common for a woman to go up several cup sizes then drop back down once their baby is done breastfeeding.
  • Many women experience a loss of volume in their breasts once done with breastfeeding. The appearance of sagging, lower hanging breasts is due to the loss of volume. Also, the skin is stretched and expanded during milk production.


  • Natural effects of aging such as weight gain, sagging skin, volume loss, and stubborn pockets of fat can occur.
  • The body parts that often struggle with sagging or fat deposits are the hips, waist, stomach, thighs, butt, lower back, neck, and upper arms.

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Mommy Makeover Options

Mommy makeovers are combination procedures that often pair 2 or more cosmetic surgeries. The custom procedure helps restore your pre-pregnancy physique. The following procedures are available to help you achieve the youthful contour you desire.


  • Breast Augmentation – Restore lost volume for a fuller look.
  • Breast Lift – Lift and enhance breasts that gradually sag over time to a perkier position.

Abdomen & Midsection

  • Tummy Tuck – Remove excess skin, fat, and tissue.
  • Hybrid Tummy Tuck™ by Dr. Brent – Dr. Brent’s signature tummy tuck has shorter incisions than traditional tummy tucks.
  • Liposuction & Liposculpture – Target and remove fat in trouble areas with pinpoint accuracy to give it a more slender appearance.

Arms & Legs

  • Arm Lift – Treat flabby upper arms or “bat wings" for a slimmer, tighter look.
  • Thigh Lift – Get firmer, sleeker legs by treating loose skin, dimpled cellulite skin, or stubborn fat deposits.

Face & Neck

  • Facelift – Rejuvenate your appearance by tightening and lifting your skin for a younger look.
  • Neck Lift – Treat sagging skin for a more defined jawline and smoother neck.
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Are You A Good Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

If you are considering a mommy makeover procedure, we recommend you do extensive research and call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brent Moelleken. Your consultation will cover what to expect and how they align with your aesthetic goals. Also, recommendations based on Dr. Brent’s expertise and analysis. Your medical history will also be discussed, including:

  • Any prior conditions or surgeries.
  • An account of medications or supplements you are currently taking or have taken recently.
  • Your recreational drug or tobacco usage history.
  • Your motivations for undergoing a mommy makeover and your expectations.
  • Your aesthetic goals and desires.

Although the coined term for this procedure is the “mommy makeover," it does not mean you need to have had children to undergo it. This combination of surgeries not only is beneficial for women who have experienced maternity. But for any woman who feels like they can benefit from a physical makeover.

Mommy Makeover Procedure Overview

The following is a general guideline of the stages throughout the process.

Consultation & Assessment

  • Discuss goals and expectations of the procedure with Dr. Brent.
  • He will layout what recommendations based on your specific case.


  • In most cases, although mommy makeovers involve more than 1 procedure, they are typically performed in a single visit.
  • This will save you time as well as money on anesthesia and operating room costs. Also, the convenience of performing all procedures at once also means there is only 1 recovery period.


  • As a rule of thumb, for a tummy tuck it is recommended to have at least 2 full weeks of recovery before returning to a sedentary job or light physical activity.
  • Around 6 weeks post operation you can expect to gradually increase your physical activity level.
  • By 3 full months you can expect to be able to resume your regular activities.
  • Keep in mind that these timetables are for a patient recovering from only a tummy tuck. A more comprehensive mommy makeover means you can expect recover to be a bit longer.
  • While in recovery it is important to not exert yourself and have help around or nearby as you heal.

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Mommy makeovers can include some or even all of these procedures depending on your wants and expectations. These procedures can be performed separately or at the same time and the combination of procedures is performed in a certain order to maximize results and recovery while keeping incisions at a minimum. Many patients prefer a combination of procedures over separate operations but the decision of how many surgeries you need and the best way to complete them will be evaluated during your consultation with Dr. Moelleken. Call our friendly and helpful office to staff to schedule your personal consultation.

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