Why Breast Fat Transfer Looks More Natural?

Why Breast Fat Transfer Looks More Natural?

Your body is like a finely-built machine that you can customize to your liking. Plastic surgery exists as a maintenance tool to help you repair, change, and improve upon your favorite aesthetic features. Breast lifts are successful procedures that can help you enhance, lift, and enlarge the shape of your breasts.

Why Breast Fat Transfer Looks More Natural?

At Dr. Brent’s office, we are happy to utilize the innovative LiveFill breast augmentation techniques. These offer natural fat transfers, using your body’s own healthy fat to refine your chest area. Today, we will discuss why breast fat transfer looks more natural than most implant-based options. This will help you understand why this is often the most highly recommended type of breast augmentation procedure on the market today.

Aligning with Your Natural Looks

When trying to visualize your new breasts during your consultation with the surgeon, you might wonder how implants will look. Many patients in the past have noticed that they sometimes do not look as natural as some of the fat harvesting options. Fat transfer lets your body relax into your new breasts. You also get to control how much or how little fat is transferred from your body, creating a variety of results.

Fortunately, natural fat transfers can offer you a new way to appreciate what you already have. A growing number of patients have become invested in this holistic approach to breast augmentation. The biggest perk is that fat transfers do not bring foreign materials into the body like implants can.

Holistic Body Contouring With LiveFill Fat Transfer

Beyond enhancing the breasts with an innovative combination of technology and creativity, our new fat transfer options have the added benefit of permanently changing your looks. The transformative aspect of our breast lift procedures can elevate a simple fat transfer into a sculpting experience. During the procedure, we can even address additional areas of the body that have struggled to get rid of stubborn fat on their own.

The process works by using liposuction and other tools to harvest fat from healthy areas of your body. This can come from the thighs, abdomen, arms, buttocks, or somewhere else. You will be able to determine the perfect location for fat harvesting with Dr. Brent before the day of your procedure. Once the fat is harvested, it is injected into the breasts while the surgeon molds them into a new and pleasing shape. You get the satisfaction of having brand-new breasts that you created using your own natural resources.

Get Results That Last A Lifetime

Natural fat transfer procedures are renowned for their durability, leveraging the body’s own resources to create lasting results. Though the recovery process can last several months, you will be able to see your results right away. Fat transfers will create a visual improvement from the first time you look in the mirror after your surgery. That is the magic that we aim to capture with our LiveFill fat transfer solutions.

It is also a great benefit that fat transfers offer longer-lasting results than traditional implant surgeries. Our techniques ensure that your augmented breasts retain their youthful allure for years to come. As individuals age, their augmented breasts gracefully evolve in tandem with their natural changes, preserving beauty across different stages of life without undoing all of the work done in this procedure.

What Is Natural Beauty?

People can have great natural looks with or without plastic surgery. Our wide range of personalized procedures lets you decide what is best for your body. We work hard to develop new techniques that emphasize safety and efficacy like never before. With LiveFill and other fat-harvesting techniques, you get to decide what natural beauty means to you.

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Whether you are looking to improve the shape and size of your breasts after pregnancy or you are trying to combat the signs of aging so you can enjoy a more graceful figure, you have come to the right place. Contact Dr. Brent and our friendly team will schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. During this appointment, you should be prepared to discuss your biggest needs and why you feel a fat transfer breast augmentation would work for you.

We are confident that we can help you achieve the look you want. Physical trauma and the signs of aging can cause your breasts to sag over time. It is understandable that you want to act now in order to preserve the beauty of your chest. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our breast enhancement procedures.

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