What Are the Types of Breast Lifts Available?

What Are the Types of Breast Lifts Available?

There are many different types of cosmetic surgery options available to those who are looking to restore confidence, youthfulness, and self-esteem through a customized procedure. At the office of Dr. Brent, we are here to support the natural aging process while also embracing technical advancements that can keep the breasts looking young and healthy for a long time. Anyone who is feeling down about their sagging, misaligned, or damaged breasts might be a great candidate for a personalized breast lift procedure. So, what are the types of breast lifts available?

What are the Types of Breast Lifts Available?

The big question is, what are the types of breast lifts available? Is there more than one way to treat aesthetic issues in the breasts? There are plenty of different procedures that can help you enhance the look of your breasts in the way you really want. The type of procedure that works best for you depends on many factors, including the shape and size of your breasts, the rate at which they’ve sagged, and other medical issues. Contact Dr. Brent to schedule a consultation and find out which one of the below procedures is a good fit.

Vertical Lift

Also known as a “popsicle lift,” vertical lifts are small-scale surgeries with minimal scarring. This is good for a mild to moderate breast lift as the surgeon will only make two incisions to lift the breast tissue. Patients with more advanced sagging or damage, however, might not find this type of solution to be enough.

Donut Lift

A peri-areolar or donut lift is another type of breast lift that is good for small amounts of sagging, though it has been known to work on patients with larger areas of sagging breast tissue as well. A donut lift is often performed in tandem with an augmentation to not only lift the breasts but also increase their size. This technique can leave behind very little scarring.

Scarless Breast Lift

Though these are less common, scarless breast lift procedures are possible for those with very minimal sagging or very small breasts. In most cases, the scarring is almost invisible, or it is hardly visible at all. If someone is looking to simply increase a little bit of breast volume but does not want an augmentation, this might be a procedure to look at.

Crescent Breast Lift

A crescent breast lift typically works for those specifically looking to realign or reshape their nipples. Sagging breasts can lead to visible asymmetry that may cause the nipples to become misaligned. A crescent lift can leave some scarring as it is often done in combination with an augmentation, but it is also the best way to specifically treat the nipples.

Anchor Lift

An anchor lift is a good option for those with moderate to severe breast sagging or other types of damage in the breasts. Though an anchor lift can leave some scarring behind, it is also a great way to totally lift the years of sags and wrinkles that may have formed around your breast tissue.

Among the different types of breast procedures available, our surgeon may recommend that you combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation so you can enjoy the most stellar results.

Combination Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Brent and our expert team of professionals are always willing to talk to our patients about the major benefits that can come from combining two different procedures into one. A double breast lift and augmentation is a popular and common choice among our clientele as it leads to prolonged satisfaction and an improved aesthetic look.

We often recommend combination procedures to patients who are looking for a completely customized experience from start to finish. We want to center the aesthetic needs and preferences of each person, helping them reach their individual goals by combining different surgical techniques in a single procedure. Not to mention, this method can help you reduce the amount of time you need to take off in your schedule, with only a single recovery period instead of several.

Find the Best Breast Procedure with Dr. Brent

A totally personalized experience is waiting for you at the office of Dr. Brent, where we offer unmatched augmentation and breast lift services. If you are someone with some tissue damage or a little bit of sagging as a result of age, you can benefit from one of our minimally-scarring reparative breast lifts. Those with more extensive sagging can also enjoy incredible, long-lasting results when they combine a breast lift and augmentation procedure. To learn what surgical option is right for you, schedule a consultation with our expert team today.

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