How Much Weight to Lose Before A Tummy Tuck

How Much Weight to Lose Before A Tummy Tuck

Although a tummy tuck has the power to make somewhat dramatic changes to your physique, there is some preparatory work to be done prior to heading in for this sophisticated surgery. Below we look at how much weight to lose before a tummy tuck.

How Much Weight to Lose Before A Tummy Tuck

Most physicians will recommend that you get relatively close to your overall goal weight and maintain that relative weight for at least a few months before your surgery is scheduled.

That being said, a tummy tuck can address a variety of body types and body goals, meaning that there’s no fixed weight or body type that the surgery is intended to serve.

If you’re anticipating your own tummy tuck and have questions about weight loss, the following information should serve to inform you.

There’s No Universal Standard for a Tummy Tuck

One thing that is important to remember with this operation is that there’s no one single weight range or body type that the surgery is intended for.

For example, for a slimmer person, losing 15-20 lbs might actually be an unhealthy amount of weight to shed. For someone who naturally has a girthier frame, this might be the exact amount of weight that they should aim to lose.

Choose Realistic Goals

A common misconception regarding this surgery is that it’s intended to provide as much weight loss as possible to every patient. This, however, is not actually the purpose of a Tummy Tuck.

Generally speaking, acting with this goal in mind can lead to mixed results, with patients striving for unsustainable or unrealistic weight loss goals that actually end up interfering with the surgery.

Another element that can affect your overall surgical experience is your reason for seeking the surgery in the first place.

For example, someone who is looking to obtain a tummy tuck to tone their physique would have one set of aesthetic goals, while someone who has recently lost a lot of weight would have another.

Identifying your specific goals will help you and your plastic surgeon hone in on what exactly the purpose of your tummy tuck operation is and how to achieve that.

Determine What Your Personal Healthy Weight Range Is

Depending on a number of physical factors, each individual has a healthy body weight range that is unique to their own health portrait.

If you know what this weight range is and have achieved it in the past, then this is the general weight range that you should aim to be at for your tummy tuck operation.

Much of the process of determining what your ideal personal weight is in terms of health and wellness has to do with a sense of feeling. If you’re dieting to the point that you generally don’t feel well, then you’re likely going past what is considered healthy.

If you feel unsure about what your ideal weight range is, then discuss this with your physician in your pre-surgical consultation. This period is your time to discuss with your medical professional all of your medical and aesthetic goals for your tummy tuck operation.

Don’t Proceed with The Operation Until You’re Finished Having Children

It is recommended by physicians that you not proceed with a tummy tuck operation until you’ve decided that you don’t want any more children.

This is because a pregnancy could undo much of the progress of what the tummy tuck achieves due to the extensive stretching of skin that occurs around the abdominal area during a pregnancy.

By holding off on receiving treatment until you have finished your childbearing years, you’ll save yourself the possible headache of having to engage in revision surgery in order to tighten up some parts of the body affected by pregnancy.

If You Don’t Reach Your Ideal Weight

If you are unable to reach your target weight prior to when your surgery is scheduled, then there are a variety of complications that are possible, and you may find yourself returning to the operating room for revision surgery.

Although revision surgery is not something to be feared necessarily, by waiting to have your initial surgery after you have already reached your target weight, you minimize the risk of having to spend excess money and time on additional surgical procedures.

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