Can You Have Breast Reduction as a Teen?

Can You Have Breast Reduction as a Teen?

Breast development is an integral part of puberty for females. While breast development occurs throughout all stages of life, including before birth, during puberty, and during childbearing years, the most dramatic changes often occur during puberty. Despite breast development being a natural part of development, their growth can result in macromastia (overly large breasts). This can cause a variety of issues and be very uncomfortable.But can you have breast reduction as a teen?

Can You Have Breast Reduction as a Teen?

You may wonder, can you have a breast reduction as a teen? Below you will find more information on breast reductions and whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Negative Impacts of Macromastia on Teens

Macromastia can have a major impact on the physical wellness of a teen. Large breasts can cause issues such as pain and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, and back areas. It can also cause rashes, upper body numbness, tingling, and headaches. In addition to the physical toll, macromastia can also impact teens emotional development. Research has shown that macromastia has a substantial negative impact on their physical and mental health, in addition to their eating behaviors.

In fact, teens diagnosed with macromastia were three times as likely to have an eating disorder as compared to teens who were not diagnosed with the condition. In addition to the physical and mental well-being of teens, macromastia can also cause issues when it comes to finding clothing that fits. Feeling comfortable in your clothing is integral to feeling comfortable in a classroom. It is important to feel comfortable in learning environment, especially for teens.

Macromastia and Breast Reductions in Teens

Medical researchers have investigated the impact of breast reduction on teens with macromastia. There are a variety of factors taken into consideration to determine if the procedure is right for a teen. Some of the factors include the relationship between the overgrowth of breast tissue and the teen’s BMI, in addition to the age when they have their first menstrual cycle.

Researchers found that the major concern about breast reduction surgery on teens is the risk of the patient’s breasts continuing to grow post-surgery. Therefore, the timing of the surgery is integral in providing the desired outcome. The timing for breast reduction surgery is different from person to person. This is because the point at which breast growth stability occurs can be between the ages of 12 to 21, according to a recent study.

The three factors that play a role in determining the point at which breast growth stabilizes includes the BMI of the teen and the date of their first menstrual cycle. For teens who are considered of normal weight for their age, the time at which breast growth stabilizes is usually three years after their first menstrual cycle.

Weight and Risk

However, for teens who are overweight, research has found that it is nine years after their first menstrual cycle when their breast growth stabilizes. These are not the only factors to consider when determining the right timing for a breast reduction on a teen. But they prove highly informative. Researchers ultimately found that the timing should not be based on an arbitrary age. But should consider a variety of factors based on the teen’s unique health, including:

  • Biological and physical maturity
  • Weight
  • Potential for post-surgery benefits (both physically and emotionally)
  • Risk for breast growth post-surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

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