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Your facial appearance is how you present yourself to the world. It is the first thing you see when you look in the mirror and the first thing people look at when they meet you. It is the focal point of all your interactions with the outside world. And it is the one region of your body where you cannot completely disguise your physical imperfections, despite your best attempts to do just that by purchasing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on skin creams and cosmetics to conceal your flaws. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your skin, gravity, sun exposure, environmental factors, aging, and the stresses of everyday life eventually take their toll on your appearance, potentially causing serious detriment to your self-esteem and confidence.

As you get older, your skin goes through a number of changes. Cells divide more slowly and your dermis, or lower layer of skin, gets thinner. Your dermis is composed of several different types of tissue, including elastin and collagen. Elastin gives your skin its elasticity and collagen keeps your skin taut. With time, these proteins break down, causing your skin to loosen and making it more susceptible to the effects of gravity. Additionally, the muscles and tissue under your skin changes, leading to the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Dr. Moelleken and the staff at Moelleken Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara can correct the damage done by time and gravity. Dr. Moelleken’s unique and innovative facelift procedures can help you look as young on the outside as you feel on the inside. If you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing loose skin and muscle, sagging cheeks and jowls, a wrinkled brow, or a loose neck, contact Dr. Moelleken and the experts at Moelleken Plastic Surgery for an individualized treatment plan today.


There are many different types of Facelifts that Dr. Moelleken performs , including:

At the most basic level, a facelift simply tightens the skin at various points on the face and readjusts the deep tissues under the skin to eliminate wrinkles and regain a youthful appearance. Dr. Moelleken’s innovative facelift procedures are superior to traditional methods in several critical ways. First, Dr. Moelleken carefully considers the contours of each individual face when deciding where to make incisions. Making incisions in front of the ears eliminates visible scarring, even right after the surgery, and by using advanced anchoring techniques, Dr. Moelleken can ensure that the ears themselves remain unaltered and the shape of the face unchanged. Second, Dr. Moelleken’s advanced techniques also minimize the risk of damage to the delicate facial nerves, a potential complication when facelift surgery is performed by physicians without training in microsurgery or thorough knowledge of facial nerves. Unfortunately, another common side effect of facelift surgery is the “pulled, plastic look”.

To avoid an artificial appearance, the facelift works best when accompanied by ancillary procedures; when multiple procedures are combined, the results are more natural, artistic, and harmonious. There are many different ancillary procedures that compliment the facelift and may be considered as part of a treatment plan, including brow elevation, eyelid surgery, cheek lifts, blepharoplasties, laser resurfacing, lip lifts, chin implants, neck tightening, chin enhancement, earlobe reduction, and fat grafting to hollow facial areas and lips. Combining multiple procedures during the facelift allows for the harmonious rejuvenation of the entire face, rather than just the traditional “face, brow and eye” procedures of the past.

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The results of a skillfully-performed facelift are dramatic as well as long-lasting, and with something as valuable as your face, it is critical to place yourself in the hands of a dedicated and experienced facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Brent Moelleken. Dr. Moelleken is a Plastic and Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgeon with offices in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara. He is board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery at UCLA. Dr. Moelleken and the well-qualified staff at Moelleken Plastic Surgery understand that every face is unique and every perception of beauty is different. Whatever it takes for you to leave feeling more attractive, confident, and youthful, Dr. Moelleken will listen to your concerns and create a customized plan designed specifically for you.