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Photo Rejuvenation Overview

Both the pleasures and stresses of life along with the simple passage of time tend to cause your skin to appear older. The signs of photoaging and sun damage are typically most visible on your face and while numerous treatments exist to improve various facial flaws, skin specialists have always sought procedures that provide a dramatic improvement with low risk and no downtime. Photo Rejuvenation is a general name for a variety of procedures. The basic definition is that it is a thermal disturbance of your skin’s collagen and a result; the technique is an activation of the healing process and the release of substances that influence the regeneration of your skin cells. Your cell activity is stimulated and thus new collagen fibers are created, allowing skin strength and elasticity to improve. Photo Rejuvenation is the gentle warming of your skin with low doses of light energy. The light energy is partly absorbed in dilated facial veins and this causes them to seal and subsequently disappear in a few weeks.





Photo Rejuvenation is a very gentle treatment and can be combined with other laser treatments, BOTOX, and injectable fillers. Though minimally invasive, there are still many topics to discuss when considering Photo Rejuvenation. Your lifestyle, health, and wishes are all taken into consideration during your consultation prior to scheduling your Photo Rejuvenation treatment. This allows Dr. Moelleken to determine your skin type, the appropriate laser necessary for your treatment, and what the best procedure for your particular skin condition would be. Some treatments may also require a skincare regimen before beginning your treatment and the only way to determine if this is necessary is during your initial consultation. Photo Rejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that treats skin damage and the level of improvement can be somewhat controlled by the number of treatments you have. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation caused by years in the sun or diffused redness caused by Rosacea, Photo Rejuvenation uses Intense Pulse Light to reduce the irregular pigmentation and overall redness.



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Photo Rejuvenation improves the superficial outer layer of your skin as well as the deeper layers by normalizing your epidermis and stimulating collagen production in your dermis. This is absorbed by the blood vessel damaging the vessel and rendering the lesion invisible while constricting smaller vessels, reducing overall redness in your skin. In the case of pigmentation, the pulse light is absorbed into the pigmented area, darkening this area and bringing the pigmentation to the surface of the skin. Photo Rejuvenation involves the use of sophisticated equipment in order to deliver precise and effective energy pulses. The professional staff at Neo Surgery Center is always available to answer any questions regarding our Photo Rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Moelleken offers plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and throughout the California area and beyond so please give us a call to schedule your Photo Rejuvenation consultation.

Dr. Moelleken will discuss any concerns you may have and explain the details about the Photo Rejuvenation treatment. There are a number of non-surgical facial procedures available at Neo Surgery Center and Dr. Moelleken uses some of the newest and most advanced laser and intense pulsed light equipment available. He is specially trained in laser treatments and performs all procedures for each of his patients himself. He understands that everyone’s skin reacts slightly differently so he is able to customize laser treatments depending on how your skin will respond, optimizing your final results. This is a crucial benefit that you will miss out on if a physician with inadequate training performs your treatments. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call today and let us help you look young once again.


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