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At Moelleken Plastic Surgery, Dr. Brent offers the leading upper body lift procedure for patients. An upper body lift can target excess skin due to drastic weight loss. This procedure can effectively tone, shape, and sculpt the upper body to the achieve the patient’s desired aesthetic. An upper body lift can address issues with the arms, breast area, neck, and back. Although the upper body lift is usually performed on patients who have lost weight, increasingly it is being done on otherwise healthy patients over 50 who have had sun exposure, have developed back rolls, loose arm skin, and sagging of their breasts. Moelleken Plastic Surgery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to perform all plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Moelleken is constantly researching new and innovative surgical techniques and treatments to remain at the forefront of plastic surgery.

The Best Candidates For An Upper Body Lift

  • Have undergone a significant weight loss.
  • Are in good overall health.
  • Have realistic expectations for this procedure.
  • Have excess sagging skin.
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Body Lift Procedure Options

Breast Lift

Weight loss can decrease breast volume and cause the skin to sag. A breast lift can remove excess skin, reshape, and reposition breasts to reveal a more youthful shape. Dr. Moelleken will remove the extra skin and lift the tissue to position the breast.

Bra Lift

Aging and weight loss can cause extra skin in the back area. A bra lift can correct loose sagging around the bra line. This procedure can remove excess skin to achieve the desired aesthetic. Bra lift incisions are discreetly placed around the bra to hide any future scarring.

Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a procedure that can tone and shape the arm area. This procedure can contour the upper arm area and reveal a more trimmed appearance. An arm lift is a safe and effective upper body lift procedure.

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What To Expect

Dr. Moelleken will meet with each patient for a one-on-one consultation to determine their candidacy for an upper body lift. A physical examination will be performed to evaluate the areas of concern. Dr. Moelleken will review the patient’s medical history and discuss the patient’s ideal aesthetic during this appointment. Upper body lift procedure plans can be completely customized based on the patient’s ideal goals for this procedure. Dr. Moelleken will spend time educating the patient on all procedure and recovery details. Dr. Moelleken and his friendly staff aim to stand as a constant resource for patients throughout their entire care at Moelleken Plastic Surgery.

Post Operation & Recovery

Upper body lift procedures are usually performed at one surgical setting starting with the patient on their stomach for the bra-lift, then the patient is turned over and the arm and breast lift are performed. Recovery is remarkably easy, easier than a tummy tuck, for example, because the procedure involves only soft tissue and no muscle tightening. Typically patients are back to desk work in 7 days and are able to walk several miles by 2 weeks.

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