Different Types Of Thigh Lifts

There are different types of thigh lifts but the main variable is the type of incision. Some of the types of thigh lift surgery include:

  • Inner Thigh Lift

The most popular type of thigh lift is the inner (medial) thigh lift. This procedure involves an incision in your groin fold and is ideal for people with only a moderate amount of excess skin and fat in their thigh area. To perform an inner thigh lift, Dr. Moelleken will lift the skin on your thigh and tighten it.

  • Vertical Thighplasty

During a vertical thighplasty procedure, Dr. Moelleken will begin the incision at your groin and extend it to your inner knee. A wedge of skin will be removed from your inner thigh during a vertical thighplasty, which may yield visible scarring. People who have a lot of fat and loose skin are good candidates for vertical thighplasty.

  • Outer Thigh Lift

The outer thigh lift is a thigh lift involving an incision that extends from your groin around your hip.

  • Spiral Thighplasty

A newer technique known as spiral thighplasty reshapes the front, back, inner, and outer areas of your thigh. During the spiral thighplasty procedure, an incision is made below your buttocks, extending to your groin crease where your thigh and pubic area meet. This plastic surgery procedure may be beneficial for those who have lost massive amounts weight.

In certain situations, several types of thigh lift surgeries are performed simultaneously to elicit the best results. The decision to undergo combination thigh lift surgery depends on the quality of your skin, the areas requiring treatment, and how much fat and skin need to be excised. The basic components of a thigh lift are similar, regardless of the type(s) you choose and the pros and cons of each procedure will be evaluated during your consultation with Dr. Moelleken.

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Your Thigh Lift With Dr. Brent Moelleken

Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis unless otherwise advised by Dr. Moelleken. Wide variations in the incision process are available and Dr. Moelleken will make careful incisions in your thighs, where they can be hidden by the natural contours of your body as much as possible. He will then remove the excess skin from the incision sites followed by the actual lift or excision to tone your thighs. Lifting your inner thighs require only short incisions extending from the anterior part of your thigh/groin crease around to your buttock crease. Lateral or anterior thigh lifts can be performed as separate procedures if desired and your buttocks can be lifted with upper or lower scars. Drainage tubes to help get rid of excess fluid and reduce swelling may also be inserted. Dr. Moelleken will close the incisions with sutures and cover them with surgical dressing before applying a compression garment.

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Pre & Post Thigh Lift Guidelines

Since safety is our number one concern, before your thigh lift surgery you must be in good health. We require that you undergo a physical exam and have routine lab work done by your personal physician. If you do not have a doctor, we will recommend one since we do not provide this service. All of your pre-op paperwork will need to be in our office two weeks prior to your procedure. Dr. Moelleken must be aware of pre-existing medical conditions, medical history, and any medications you are currently taking. He may also require that you adjust, cease, or begin taking certain medications in the week or two prior to your surgery. Some of these may include avoiding aspirin, aspirin products, anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements, etc. A complete list will be provided to you along with thorough instructions during your initial consultation. You will be required to stop smoking and not use tobacco products a minimum of two weeks prior to your surgery due to the complications related to healing. Smoking has been shown to decrease your blood flow by 30% to the incision and tissue and stopping will significantly increase your recovery period. Ideally, the longer you have not smoked, the better you will do in terms of reducing the risk of complications.

The Recovery Process

Your thighs will be appear smoother, tighter, and more contoured immediately following your surgery but you will also experience bruising and swelling. Any swelling will gradually subside and discomfort may be managed with medication. The compression garment Dr. Moelleken applied after your surgery will need to be worn for several days, as it will promote the new contours of your thighs. Wearing your compression garment as instructed will aid in the tightening and shrinking of your skin and protect your incision. To lessen the tension along the line of your incision, Dr. Moelleken will advise you to keep your legs slightly bent at your hips during the first week after surgery as this will help reduce pain and lessen any scarring. Showering is allowed three days after your thigh lift but you should wear gauze pads over the incision areas to keep them dry. This will be explained before your surgery and you should schedule a follow-up visit Dr. Moelleken approximately one week after your surgery. You will need to restrict your activity as you heal but it is important to start walking as soon as possible after your thigh lift. The time it takes for you to recover varies with each individual and depends on the extent of the thigh lift performed.

Thigh Lift Risks

Any medical surgery has risks involved and although rare, thigh lift procedures are no different. Some of these include, scarring, bleeding, infection, fluid accumulation, and poor wound healing. Potential problems will be discussed during your consultation and by following the instructions given to you by Dr. Moelleken, the chance of encountering any complications are greatly reduced.

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