What is the Hybrid Tummy Tuck?

Hybrid tummy tuck

For many, the stomach is a “problem” area with much to be desired. Whether you just had a baby, recently had significant weight loss, or have always been insecure about your midsection, the hybrid tummy tuck may be the procedure to provide a newfound confidence and body you will love. For more information, speak directly with our professionals at Moelleken Plastic Surgery about your tummy tuck in Beverly Hills.

What is a Hybrid Tummy Tuck?

A hybrid tummy tuck, or hybrid abdominoplasty, is a surgery that tightens the entire abdominal fascia (part of the abdominal wall). During the procedure, the lining of the muscles that get stretched out are tightened to achieve your desired results. This will bring the shape of your stomach back to its original tightness and give you a firmer midsection. There are many benefits to picking a hybrid tummy tuck over a traditional abdominoplasty and it is important to be aware of all your options before choosing which procedure is right for you.

Hybrid Tummy Tuck vs. Traditional Tummy Tuck

Aside from the size of the scar, the hybrid tummy tuck is different from the traditional tummy tuck in that candidates for these procedures are chosen based on current body type and desired goals. Ideal patients for the hybrid tummy tuck procedure are women who are in excellent shape after they have children but are left with a remaining bulge with their abdomen that they would like corrected.

Conversely, if you have a large amount of excess skin, then Dr. Brent may recommend a different tummy tuck procedure to ensure that you get optimal results that you will love. The hybrid tummy tuck is less intense than the traditional tummy tuck in the sense that less incisions are required, which is why the ideal patient is “fit.” Hybrid tummy tucks are ideal for patients looking for that last little bit of excess skin to be tighter.

How Large is the Incision?

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to the hybrid tummy tuck is the relatively small incision. To complete the procedure, a C-section type incision is made near the pubic area. Another benefit of the incision for this procedure is that an existing C-section scar can be used to ensure that patients will not have a new scar tissue on their abdomen. The minimal size of the scar and possibility that no new scar will be formed is great for mom’s looking to get back to their fit body type. The permanent and lasting negative ramifications on the body are small and unlike a traditional tummy tuck, the belly button is not altered.

Recovery Time

Because of the use of C-section type incisions or reopening scars already present, the recovery time is less than traditional tummy tuck procedures. The hybrid tummy tuck is less invasive by nature, which positively affects other areas of the procedure as well. A traditional tummy tuck would usually require two to three weeks of recovery time; however, a hybrid tummy tuck only requires a week to recover.

Tummy Tuck in Beverly Hills

Hybrid tummy tucks are an innovative procedure that can reduce the intensity of a traditional tummy tuck for those that do not require such extreme measures. You wouldn’t use a sledge hammer for a tiny nail, so it is important to find the appropriate procedure for your specific body type and desires. Contact Dr. Moelleken today to discuss your options and eligibility for a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills.

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