Using a Specialty Facelift to Get Results Where Others Cannot

specialty facelift

Have you considered getting a facelift, but can’t decide if it will ultimately be worth it? Many patients feel that way when they think of a facelift procedure as an all or nothing procedure. Specialty facelifts are techniques that allow for incredible results on specific facial features. This method can also significantly cut down on the patient’s recovery time! Contact Dr. Brent’s offices today to learn more about your options for plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.

What Is a Specialty Facelift?

When first introduced, a facelift placed multiple medical cuts around the jawline. Then carefully stretched the skin tighter and reattached it at the incisions.

Current techniques make small incisions at the ear of the patient to decrease visible signs of scarring. For some patients, the traditional facelift technique would somewhat improve their facial features. But, in the end, the technique was not going to be specific enough for the patient to get the best results. To address this need, surgeons discovered breakthrough techniques to allow for specific treatment of facial areas.

Patients can choose from a variety of techniques including; customized lip fillers, an upper lip wing lift, a neck facelift, contouring cheek implants, under eye lifts, eyelid lifts, brow lift, and an overall facelift in specific, anatomical facial regions. Patients can choose this method of a facelift as opposed to the traditional method for more natural looking results!

Patients who are interested in a facelift procedure of any kind should begin their journey by scheduling a consultation appointment with a trusted surgeon. All board certified plastic surgeons are technically capable of performing your surgery, but that doesn’t always mean they’re the best. For a proven and highly trusted surgeon, schedule your appointment with Dr. Brent!

During your consultation, you will be able to share your concerns with your surgeon, and together you can determine what the best technique is for your specific facial features! The number of procedures that you want to be performed is completely up to your discretion, however, your doctor will be able to evaluate your facial symmetry and suggest treatment options! Surgery recovery time is typically a week for major swelling, and two weeks for resumed daily activities.

Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Dr. Brent has pioneered a cutting edge technology known as the 360 Facelift! This technique allows patients to have a more specified surgery that will effectively address their main facial concerns. This technique was designed to treat the facelift as a complete tightening treatment from the neck up. Several different procedures can be done while the patient is under anesthesia, and the length of the surgery will depend on how many procedures have been chosen. Patients who have chosen to use specialized facelift treatments have been incredibly pleased with the specific modifications and the minimal scarring!

Dr. Brent is very attentive to scar placement, and always tries to keep scarring near the patient’s ears to decrease incision signs! The 360 Facelift is also innovative for its use of implants and injections while performing the facelift. Implants are placed in the lips to optimize facial symmetry, as well as in the cheekbones to create a high cheek, and increase facial contour! For more information on a specialized facelift and how you could benefit, contact Dr. Brent’s office today to book an appointment!

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