Tips for Enhancing Your Body Shape

Tips for Enhancing Your Body Shape

Bodies come in all different sizes and shapes. Instead of trying to fit within some sort of beauty standard for what is considered beautiful, it’s helpful to focus on enhancing your own unique body shape. Finding the right balance of diet and exercise, in addition to clothing that flatters your body helps achieve your desired physical aesthetic. Below you will find some helpful tips for enhancing your body shape so you can look and feel your best.

Tips for Enhancing Your Body Shape

Exercise and Weight Management:

One of the most important ways to enhance your body shape is to understand the best types of exercise for your body type. Everyone’s body responds differently to certain exercises. If you struggle with managing your weight, a combination of cardio and weight lifting can be really helpful in keeping the pounds off and toning your body. If you struggle to keep weight on, focus less on cardio and more on lifting. Exercise and weight management are integral to enhancing the look of your body and helping you feel healthy.

Cosmetic Procedures:

The effects of aging can slow down one’s metabolism and leave excess pockets of fat on unwanted areas of your body. Sometimes diet and exercise is no longer enough to help you reach your desired physical aesthetic. BodyTite in Beverly Hills is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that can help enhance your natural body shape. BodyTite helps with contour and definition to help you achieve a sculpted look.


While cosmetic procedures can help enhance your overall look, maintenance is key once you have achieved your desired look. This requires eating a healthy diet that works for your body type. Finding a diet that works for you can ensure that you not only keep the weight off, but reduce inflammation and stay regular. While there are a variety of different fad diets that can help you lose weight quickly, it’s best to focus on a well-balanced diet that is less restrictive as fad diets often lead to weight gain later on.

Stress and Cortisol:

Many people are impacted by stubborn abdominal fat. Abdominal fat is not only unattractive, but it is also unhealthy. It can place you at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and it is also associated with a higher risk for breast cancer in women specifically. There is a link between high levels of stress and abdominal fat. Stress increases levels of cortisol in the body which can have a direct impact on your weight and distribution of fat. Managing your stress levels and taking care of your mental health is integral to enhancing your physical aesthetic.


Clothing can enhance the look of your natural body shape. In fact, fashion is similar to geometry in terms of matching your shape to certain styles of clothing. While there are a variety of body shapes and types of clothing, your first step should be focused on what areas you want to highlight and which ones you want to hide. Drawing attention to your best assets can draw people’s eyes away from areas you want to conceal. For example, if you have toned arms but want to conceal a little extra tummy fat, focus on a sleeveless top that isn’t form-fitting. This can highlight your toned arms while also concealing stomach area. You can also utilize jewelry and accessories to further enhance your look.

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