Tips for After Breast Surgery

Tips for After Breast Surgery

Breast augmentations are the most common cosmetic surgery in the United States. Many women are often unhappy with the look of their breasts, and augmentation can help with the size, shape, and overall look of your chest. Women often opt for this procedure after pregnancy and breastfeeding as both can take a major toll on one’s body. However, some women are born with breasts they are unhappy with, and a breast augmentation can address those issues as well. Either way, if you have decided to move forward with breast surgery, you are in the right place. Below you will find some helpful tips for after breast surgery so your recovery process is smooth.

Tips for After Breast Surgery

While you should always consult with your surgeon, consider the following tips after your breast surgery.

Get Rest:

Sleep is one of the best remedies for recovery when it comes to a natural breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. Because your body has just gone through surgery, it is vital to get some quality rest. Sleep is helpful in boosting your immune system, which can improve your recovery process.

Sleep Position:

It is recommended that you sleep on your back slightly propped up for a while after your surgery. This helps with circulation, swelling, and ensuring that your breasts are in a position to heal properly. Your recovery process is an integral component in terms of the outcome of your procedure. Proper care post-surgery can ensure that your breasts settle in properly.

Avoid Stimulating Foods and Drinks:

Stay away from things like alcohol, sugar, caffeine, or any other food or drink that can keep you awake. Disrupting your natural recovery process with stimulating substances can inhibit your recovery.

Move Around:

While you should be focusing on resting as much as possible, it’s helpful to slowly walk around to improve your circulation. Walk regularly around your home throughout the day to maintain a healthy balance of rest and movement. It can help with reducing your risk of blood clots and help keep you from getting achy from so much rest.

Healthy Diet:

What you put in your body matters, especially after surgery. Focus on a healthy diet filled with lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and other foods that aid in healing. If you have dietary restrictions, consider planning your meals and snacks in advance to prepare post-surgery. It is also advisable to eat small meals throughout the day. Large meals can take a lot of energy to digest, so eating small and often can help ensure your energy is going towards your recovery versus digestion.

Follow Instructions:

Follow your surgeon’s instructions post-surgery as closely as possible. They are the experts on your body and understand your unique medical needs. You may be inclined to skip through some steps, but refrain from doing so. Your recovery period is vital when it comes to the outcome of your procedure to talk with your surgeon about any changes you want to make or activities you would like to do before you do it.

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