Surgery vs Fillers: What to Know

Surgery vs Fillers: What to Know

The effects of aging can impact your confidence and self-esteem. Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging jowls, saggy skin, and heavy brows can change the way you look. These can be due to the natural aging process, or harmful lifestyle factors. If you are unhappy with the way you look, there are a number of cosmetic options that can help you restore your youthful appearance. Surgery vs fillers: what to know about both can be found below.

Surgery vs Fillers: What to Know

While a facelift is a cosmetic procedure, fillers are considered a cosmetic treatment. Consider the differences below as you decide which is right for you.

Ideal Candidate:

Facial fillers are helpful if you want to address minor to moderate signs of aging. The ideal candidate is often between the ages of 30 and 55, but people younger and older get them all of the time. Each patient is different. So it depends on your unique needs and expectations. It’s important that candidates are non-smokers, have realistic expectations, and are healthy overall. This is important in order to ensure your results last.

For those who have more advanced signs of aging, cosmetic surgery may be a better option. The ideal candidate for a facelift is someone who has moderate to severe signs of aging, including skin sagging and deep wrinkles. Patients of all ages can undergo a facelift, but most patients are in their 40s and beyond. Similar to dermal fillers, candidates should be non-smokers, have realistic expectations, and be in good overall health.

Recovery Time:

Dermal fillers in Beverly Hills have a fast recovery time and you can often get back to your daily routine the same day. They provide minimal disruption to your day and most patients don’t even need to take any downtime after the treatment.

A facelift has a much longer recovery period as it addresses the advanced signs of aging. Each patient is different, but it can take between four to six weeks to fully recover from the surgery. You can often get back to work and your daily routine within the first week or two. However, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity for at least four to six weeks in order to ensure optimal results.

Longevity of Results:

Facial fillers are not as much of a long-term solution as compared to a facelift. They can last between 6 months to over 1 year, depending on the type you get. How you care for your skin between appointments can also impact the longevity of your results. Most people regularly get fillers to ensure the results last.

A facelift lasts much longer than fillers as it is more invasive. The longevity of your facelift depends on a number of factors, including how you care for your skin and health after the procedure. Maintaining your weight is also critical in ensuring that your facelift results last. Most often, the results last between 7 to 10 years before any follow-treatment is necessary.


Fillers are much less expensive as they are a non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The price depends on the injector, location, and the number of syringes used.

Because a facelift is much more invasive, it’s significantly more expensive as compared to fillers. However, the results can last up to a decade so compare the long-term costs between the two if you are still on the fence.

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