How Men and Women Age Differently

It’s clear that men and women’s body’s age differently. This is due to a number of biological differences. In addition to biological factors, other factors can impact the way one’s body ages. For example, genetics, diet and exercise, environmental factors, use of alcohol or tobacco, and the number of pregnancies a woman has had. Most often men and women experience aging on opposite sides of the spectrum. Below you will find some of the major differences in the way the body ages differently based on gender.

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Both genders experience hormonal changes as they age. For women, changes occur during menopause. Women hit menopause around age 50. During that time, a woman’s menstrual cycle ends, their ovaries stop producing estrogen, and women will experience a number of other menopausal symptoms. Symptoms include vaginal dryness, a lower libido, hot flashes, and tiredness.

For men, there isn’t a similar change that is so sudden. The male experience is called andropause and involves a slow decline in levels of testosterone. The male experience begins at around 30 and slowly progresses over time. Andropause causes symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, a lower libido, and sleep issues.


Skin changes between men and women are also vastly different. For women, menopause causes a dramatic loss in collagen. This decline lasts for roughly five years after menopause hits. After that, the rate slows down in terms of collagen loss and tends to level out. The dramatic changes in collagen for women is why so many beauty companies target women for skincare products. Women’s skin thins with the dramatic loss in collagen and the hormonal changes.

For men, their skin ages gradually. Starting at 30, their collagen levels slowly decline. While women’s skin is similar, the decline after menopause can rapidly age a woman’s face. Because of the slow burn in the loss of collagen for men, they are less susceptible to signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Men’s testosterone levels help with the thickness of their skin. As compared to women, men’s skin is about twenty-five percent thicker.

Body Shape and Weight

Fat in the stomach develops with age. This is due to a loss in lean muscle which starts at around age 30 and gradually gets worse with time. For women, this gradual loss in lean muscle and gains in weight lasts until about 65. This is why many women have round bellies as they age. Women experience decreased levels of estrogen which influences the way fat is distributed in the body. For men, this ends around their mid-50s.

Hair Thinning and Loss

While both men and women lose hair as they age, men have it worse. Depending on your genetics and hormone levels, many men experience male pattern baldness. Studies show that half of men experience some form of hair loss by the time they are 50.

While there are numerous changes in both men and women’s body’s as they age, both experience the aging process drastically differently. While the natural effects of aging cannot be stopped, there are steps you can take to maintain a healthy and youthful-looking appearance. Maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, having an effective skincare routine, and keeping up with your regular medical and dental checkups can all help keep you looking and feeling strong and healthy. However, some aspects of aging cannot be stopped due to genetics, gravity, lifestyle, stress levels, and a number of external factors. For those issues, there are cosmetic procedures that can help assist in keeping your appearance more youthful.

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