Should I Get an Arm Lift in Winter?

Arm lifts address your saggy underarms by minimizing extra skin, tightening and smoothing out the underarm area, and removing any extra fat. Sagging underarms can make you feel self-conscious and inhibit you from wearing what you want to, especially during the summer. For those who have sagging underarms that make you uncomfortable and prevent you from wearing clothing that exposes your arms, an arm lift may be right for you. An arm lift can add definition to your arms like you’ve never seen before, leaving your arms looking toned and smooth.

What Causes Underarm Sagging?

The process of natural aging comes with the development of sagging skin. Genetics can also play a big role in whether or not you develop saggy underarms. In addition to natural aging and genetics, several other lifestyle factors can impact the longevity of your skin, including sun exposure, alcohol consumption, smoking, poor nutrition, stress levels, and dehydration. Major weight fluctuations will also impact the amount of sagging skin under your arms as your skin can stretch out and become larger. Still, it is very difficult for it to snap back without cosmetic intervention.

Arm Lift Beverly Hills

Before you make plans for your arm lift, you’ll need to set up a consultation with a board-certified surgeon skilled in arm lifts. Once you have discussed your options and the surgeon has determined that you are a good candidate for surgery, you can schedule your appointment. On the day of your surgery, you will likely undergo general or local anesthesia, depending on what you and your surgeon decided on. Your surgeon will make incisions so that they can reshape and tighten the area. If necessary, they may utilize liposuction to remove any fat from the area. Your skin will be stitched back up with sutures and tightened up, making your arms look smooth and toned. Patients who have gotten an arm lift have reported an increase in confidence. And there is no price tag for being able to wear what you want and feel your best.

Should I Get an Arm Lift in Winter?: Sweater Weather and Arm Lifts

Unless you live directly on the equator, winter is likely going to include a decrease in temperature. Fall and winter bring the joy of sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and winter boots. Winter is also a great time to get an arm lift. You’ll be able to heal from a lift without anyone noticing. While an arm lift is a common cosmetic procedure that results in little scarring, many patients are concerned and self-conscious of others noticing the change during the healing process. Having an arm lift in the winter can ensure that you heal privately while also getting ready to step out with your new arms in the summertime.

Recovering from an arm lift involves resting and healing. You’ll likely need to wear compression garments to address any swelling. Your surgeon will give you instructions on how and when to care for your incisions. Doing your best to follow the surgeon’s instructions will help with reducing any possible scars. Each person heals differently, so the amount of time may vary. However, most patients are back to their daily activities within two weeks and completely back to their normal activity level by six weeks. Before making any changes to your daily activities, it’s always best to consult with the surgeon.

Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills

Dr. Brent Moelleken is a well-known cosmetic surgeon with years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is one of the most highly trained surgeons in the country and received his training at Harvard, Yale, and UCLA. He has also been selected as one of Vogue Magazine’s “Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in America.” Contact Dr. Brent’s office today for a consultation for your arm lift.

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