Setting Summer Body Goals

Summer Body with Liposuction

With Summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about all of your goals for that beautiful summer body! If you have a vacation planned or a big event to attend, you’ll want to be confident in your body. Setting early summer body goals can help you achieve real and lasting results!

Make sure you are setting realistic body goals to achieve a gorgeous summer look with help from Dr. Brent! Call Dr. Brent’s office today to schedule your first consultation appointment. You can hear all of your options for non-surgical rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills just in time for summer!

How to Set the Right Summer Body Goals for the Best Results

When you are working diligently towards a gorgeous body for the summer season, it can be easy to start expecting big changes overnight. The truth is that your new schedule might take a while to start showing on your body; especially if the new schedule is new for your body. Because of this, it’s important to set realistic yet optimistic goals for yourself. This allows you to maintain an overall healthy body. To set realistic and optimistic self goals for your summer body, start thinking about what’s the most lacking part of your daily routine. If you work out consistently but don’t make consistently healthy diet choices, you may consider changing your habits to incorporate more healthy meals. Setting a healthy goal to introduce new exercise habits into your life might be the right start.

If you’re trying to set solid goals for your new diet, don’t just buy the next book about the diet. Sometimes, instead of asking others for advice, it is more worthwhile to self-reflect. Think about how you approach food. When we diet ourselves and cut out nutrients our bodies are accustomed to, we are more likely to experience a type of minor withdrawal. This is why dieting can be ineffective and is rarely a maintained lifestyle. Instead, think about the kinds of healthy foods that you do like and start making meals that utilize those foods. Don’t yourself to eat foods you don’t have a taste for.

When you are attempting to set exercise goals for your body, a similar approach to diet goals can be applied. Exercise can be accomplished through so many different activities that there is truly a workout or sport for everyone! If you are feeling intimidated or discouraged by your usual workouts, try something new! You may discover a new passion and stick to your exercise goals as well!

When setting weight loss goals, it’s important to remain realistic in how much and how fast you can lose weight. Setting too high of expectations can be dangerous to your health. So not be disappointed when you don’t lose weight overnight.

If you start working out five times a week when you were only usually doing maybe one or two, your body may not be able to maintain that tempo right away. Listen to your body, and make sure you get in plenty of restful nights, and full days of rest. Without these restful days, your body will actually tend to hang on to the more fatty cells because they store a supply of backup energy. If your new goals and routines are still not showing optimal signs of significant changes, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a certified cosmetic surgeon.

Some body types are more likely to hold on to small stores of fat; usually in the lower stomach area, and inner thighs. For some patients, healthy diet and exercise habits may not be enough to get rid of these fat stores, and physicians like Dr. Brent can help remove all of this stubborn fat, and expose the muscle in that area of your body!

Liposuction and Other Cosmetic Body Procedures

Patients who are interested in cosmetic treatments have a variety of procedure options for their specific need, but the most popular are liposuction treatments, which do not require surgical cutting, can be performed on multiple parts of the body, and leave no scar. If you are ready to get the summer body of your dreams today, don’t wait! Call Dr. Brent’s office today and schedule your first consultation appointment to find out more about liposuction in Beverly Hills!

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