How Can You Protect Your Lips from the Sun?

Caring for your lips in the hot summer sun or even on those bright ski days in the winter is very important. We often forget just how vital a role our lips play in our everyday life. They give us the gift of speech, of eating, and of pleasure, so why not give the gift back with a little lip-care? Let’s learn how you might better protect your lips from the sun.

The Skin on our Lips

The reason why protecting our lips from the sun is so important is because the skin on the lips is much thinner and contains almost no melanin. This means your lips are far more vulnerable than any other skin on your body and therefore more susceptible to cancer. Sun exposure without protection on our lips also weakens the collagen, causing lips to thin and age over time. Soaking up the sun is a great, natural way to get the body some vitamin D. Just remember, it’s also important that you protect your lips from the sun.

Studies with the Skin Cancer Foundation have found that two of the most common skin cancers manifest themselves in the lips. Your lips rely on you to take good care of them and offer protection. Here are some ways you can protect your lips from the sun’s rays.

Cut Out the Lipgloss

Lip gloss and other products that have a shine on them are the worst things you can put on your lips on a sunny day. These glosses attract the sun — much like wearing a black shirt on the beach. Because of this, the risk of your lips obtaining sun damage are very high, so avoid using these products if you’re going to be out in the sun.

Use a Lip Balm with SPF

Most lip balms contain a bit of SPF to protect your lips. The problem is that some only have a UVB filter and don’t protect against UVA rays as well. Try to find a lip balm contains a matte product such as paraffin or beeswax and has an SPF of 30. Lower SPF’s will work as well, just not as effectively. In addition, be sure to check that the balm protects against both UVB and UVA rays.


If you absolutely must have some lip gloss or lipstick on, such as at a summer wedding or special event, make sure to also apply an SPF lip balm underneath. This will lock in the protection underneath the gloss you apply, keeping your lips safe from harm. You may also choose to get a lipstick that has some SPF already in it. To guarantee that you protect your lips from the sun, you still might want to apply a balm with a higher SPF underneath first.


Just like sunscreen, it’s important to reapply lip balm after a few hours, after you’ve eaten, it’s been wiped away, or during any water activity. Reapplying will ensure the most effective all-day protection.

Lip Lift in Beverly Hills

If it’s too late and your lips have been severely damaged due to an accident or poor sun protection, you might be an ideal candidate for a lip lift in Beverly Hills. A Lip Lift reshapes and rejuvenates your lips, making them fuller and more pronounced. It’s very common for lips to thin as we age, and especially if proper sun care wasn’t taken at an early age.

The procedure is quite harmless and can really play a vital role in improving your quality of life. If your lips have suffered from sun damage, call Dr. Brent Moelleken for a consultation today and get yourself back on the path of living a confident, full life.

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