Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Cosmetic surgery has traditionally been framed as something for women. The reality is that plastic surgery can help both men and women to reclaim their self-esteem and find joy in the mirror again. While it is true that the majority of people who get plastic surgery today are women, that disparity has been shifting over the last decade or so. Let’s look at some popular cosmetic procedures for men.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men

In 2020, almost 10% of all cosmetic procedures performed were done on men. This number is part of a trend that experts fully expect to continue as a larger percentage of men realize what cosmetic surgery can do for them. If you’ve tinkered with the idea of having a cosmetic procedure to treat stubborn fat or other areas that bother you, you are not alone. There are millions of men just like you, and these are the most popular procedures that they receive.


No one likes stubborn fat. You can work hard, watch your caloric intake, and basically strip all of the fun out of life, yet you still have those little pouches of fat in all the most unflattering places. It’s the worst.

That is why liposuction is one of the most popular procedures for both men and women. It’s simple and low risk when performed by your board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. On top of that liposuction offers instant results and the opportunity for the creation of ideal contours.

Male Breast Reduction

It is very common for men to gain weight in their chest. We are all built to have some fat deposits in that region. Unfortunately, excess weight gain in the chest can be difficult for men. Not only does it make some men feel less masculine, but it can be incredibly hard to get rid of. If the skin has stretched, then weight loss may still not help much.

Male breast reduction offers a clean slate for people who find themselves in this situation. It’s a relatively straightforward procedure that removes excess fat and skin. If needed, your surgeon will also reduce the size of your areolas and fix their position so that they sit in a visually attractive position. Altogether, this procedure can start you on the path to being more comfortable with your body.

Facial Surgery

Although there are exceptions, men are generally more likely to deal with drooping eyelids that obscure their vision with age. They’re also more likely to deal with over-sized noses and ears as they age. As a result, facial surgeries that address these issues are some of the most requested forms of male cosmetic surgery. When you understand the aging process, the reason becomes clear.

Our noses and ears are made of cartilage. It isn’t that cartilage never stops growing. Rather, our cartilage tends to thicken with age, and there’s a level of sagging with all aging skin. These processes combined with the fact that men tend to have larger noses and ears means that the change can be more prominent in men.

The Boardshort Body Tuck

Swimsuit season is stressful for everyone, especially if you live in sunny Southern California. With the heat and the ample access to cool water, we generally spend half of our free time in some kind of swimwear. It’s all fun, but swimwear is unforgiving and has a tendency to highlight all the flaws we would rather hide. That’s the reason why the body tuck is one of the most popular procedures among men.

When you get your boardshort body tuck in Beverly Hills, your surgeon will use a small incision in the lower abdomen to access your connective tissue and loose skin. This smaller incision is easily hidden and allows Dr. Brent to tighten everything up while removing excess fat and skin. About a week after the procedure you’ll be healed enough to resume most normal activities and can start thinking about showing off your new “bod.”

Talking About Men’s Plastic Surgery

Every surgery has risks and recovery that you should consider before going all in. However, if you really want to see a change, don’t let some outdated assertions about what men are “allowed” to do stop you. Go with what makes you happy.

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