Plastic Surgery for Men

Looking and feeling your best is important for your overall confidence. While the beauty industry places a lot of emphasis on women in terms of procedures, products, and trends to try, there are a variety of treatments geared toward men. Below are some of the more common plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments that are popular among men.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Below you can find some of the top choices for plastic surgery for men. For the best plastic surgery Los Angeles has, visit Dr. Brent.


Whether natural aging has caused you to put on some extra pounds or you are just naturally thick, liposuction is a great treatment to get rid of the stubborn fat that you cannot get rid of through regular diet and exercise. Men tend to carry fat in their stomach, which is often referred to as a “beer belly.” It is often associated with age. And can put unwanted years on your appearance.

Calf Implants:

Many men focus on strengthening the top half of their body as a broad chest, strong arms, and a wide back are considered to be attractive. However, some men tend to have what are called “chicken legs” which can make you look disproportionate in a negative way. Calf implants are a simple way to restore leg contour and add some volume.

Chest Implants:

While breast implants have been a common procedure for many women, men can also get chest implants. This can help men who have small chest muscles that cannot get bigger through regular weight lifting. Or it can benefit those who have conditions that make their chest muscles small. Chest implants, also referred to as “pectoral implants,” are a great option for men who are looking to increase the size of their chest.

Body Tuck:

This is a great option for men who have stretch marks and a considerable amount of belly fat. This body tuck Los Angeles is slightly similar to a tummy tuck, but there is less scarring and a smaller incision. This can be beneficial for men who want to have a faster recovery time. A male tummy tuck can:

  • Get rid of excess skin
  • Remove unwanted belly fat
  • Tighten up the area to look beach body ready

Due to the male hormonal fluctuations that occur as a result of natural aging, this procedure can provide you with the washboard abs you’ve always wanted. Dr. Brent provides the best body tuck Los Angeles has available.


While this is not necessarily plastic surgery as it is more of a cosmetic procedure, Botox is very popular among men. Deep wrinkles are a sign of aging and can make you look much older than you are. Botox treatments can temporarily paralyze the muscles in your face making it, so your fine lines don’t become deep wrinkles. The treatment lasts around six months, and many men regularly get the treatment.

These treatments can improve your self-esteem and confidence in how you look. If you have stubborn belly fat, lack muscle definition, or have wrinkles that add decades to your age, consider these plastic surgery treatment options. Consult with a board-certified surgeon to:

  • Discuss your options
  • Learn what you need to do to prepare
  • Understand how long your recovery time will be

Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

Dr. Brent is a well-known cosmetic surgeon with years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is one of the most highly trained surgeons in the country and received his training at Harvard, Yale, and UCLA. He has also been selected as one of Vogue Magazine’s “Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in America.” While male plastic surgery is now on the rise, Dr. Brent has been helping men achieve their aesthetic goals for years. No matter what your goals are, Dr. Brent will be able to provide you with effective results and help you get back to feeling yourself again. Contact Dr. Brent’s office today for a consultation!

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