Excess Body Fat has Met its Match

For much of modern history, plastic surgery was colloquially referred to as “going under the knife.” However, recent innovations in this highly specialized medical field make it possible to throw out that unfortunate euphemism along with other outdated language. In fact, if you’re looking to smooth out the contours of your body and shed a few stubborn pounds, there a number of non-surgical procedures that can help. Let’s take a look at non-surgical body contouring.

Introducing BodyTite

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent Moelleken specializes in a non-surgical body contouring procedure referred to as BodyTite. Powered by directional radio frequencies, InMode’s BodyTite was developed to use “fat coagulation and volumetric heating” to allow your surgeon to perform three-dimensional tissue remodeling through a small incision, while simultaneously promoting collagen production.

In plain English, BodyTite uses heat to liquefy fat tissue. Dr. Brent then easily removes it via the small tube inserted under the skin. In addition, the increased collagen production helps to firm and smooth the surface of your skin, providing a youthful regeneration.

How Non-Surgical Body Contouring Works

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons classifies BodyTite as a form of Radiofrequency-Assisted Liposuction (RFAL). The procedure is a fairly straight-forward form of non-surgical body contouring.

Dr. Brent administers a local anesthetic prior to making a small incision at the site of treatment. The tool used to administer the BodyTite treatment has two parallel prongs, each of which has an electrode. Dr. Brent inserts the smaller prong and cannula at the point of incision. The electrodes will begin to send radiofrequency waves through the skin. They melt fat and induce collagen production without harming any of the adjacent tissues.

The patient can expect each treatment to take less than ninety minutes. Plan on taking it each for the first few days after their procedure.

Depending on the number and location of the treatment areas, your surgeon may have more specific instructions regarding your recovery. In addition, do not expect to see your complete results immediately after surgery. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery estimates that most patients see their final results between two and three months after their procedure.

The delay is caused by fat tissue breaking down after the initial exposure to radiofrequency waves. Without the cannula present to immediately drain out these liquefied cells, it can take your body several weeks to process and dispose of them. As a result, you will have to be a little patient. The delay also allows for a smooth transition to your new, slimmer contours, making it easy to keep BodyTite as your own little secret if you wish.

Can it Work for you?

As with all procedures, BodyTite isn’t right for everyone. Dr. Brent will want to make sure you are in good physical health and that you’re relatively close to your body goals. RFAL specifically targets stubborn pockets of fat, so it is not a replacement for major weight loss. Potential patients with loose skin will also need to undergo an evaluation to determine whether or not BodyTite is the right procedure for them.

Ultimately, the best results rest with the best surgeon. Dr. Brent Moelleken is a double board-certified plastic surgeon serving both Beverly Hills and Los Angeles communities. With years of expertise as a practitioner and researcher in the field of plastic surgery, he will be able to guide you towards the best procedures for your unique body, even if it isn’t non-surgical body contouring. Request a consultation today.

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